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Simple Sports That Can Be While Watching TV

Watching TV for hours on end while sitting or relaxing on a couch can be a master weapon for your health. A study found that watching TV too long increases your risk of type 2 diabetes. Other research from the American Heart Association Circulation says that watching TV over time is at risk of causing pulmonary embolism, which can lead to death. This is related to the habit of sitting too long while watching television. Therefore, tactics of doing sports while watching TV! No need to be heavy and troublesome, just a few moves below.


Plank Simple Sports That Can Be While Watching TV

On the sidelines of advertising your favorite TV programs, you can do plank that can strengthen the muscles of the arms, stomach, to the feet. Even this simple gesture can help you improve your posture and flatten your stomach. When trying early, start doing this plank motion when the commercial breaks. So you do not need to lose focus and still be able to watch. However, make sure that every break of your ad must perform this movement.


If you usually do squat movements while in a special class of sports, but this time you can really try to exercise while watching TV. Squat movements are not difficult and enough to make the thigh muscles, calves, buttocks, and stomach harder and stronger. Squat is also considered able to make digestion more smoothly. To try it, you can do squat for 2-3 minutes. This movement does not make your eyes turn away from the screen really, so you can still exercise while watching TV.

Wall Sit

Well, the other easy movement is the wall sit that requires you to lean against the wall. So, first stand about half a meter from the wall with your back to the wall. Next, make a half-squat movement with the position of the leg bent to form 90 degrees and stick the back on the wall. Keep the shoulders, upper back, and back of the head to keep it straight. Hold this movement for up to 30 seconds. When you are familiar with this movement, then you can increase the duration according to ability.


There are many simple yoga movements that can be done while watching TV. For example, this cobra movement. You can start by lying face down on the floor and fingers under your shoulders. Then, stretch your legs up to the toes touch the floor. Make your pelvis firmer and your stomach lock. Press your shoulders upward by pushing your thumb and forefinger. Next, point the chest forward and keep the hand position aligned parallel to the floor and hold it so that the shoulders do not bend. Perform this movement at least 30-60 seconds. In this way, you can still watch TV but the body is also moving more.…

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Flu When Pregnant, Here’s How to Cope

Pregnant is the most exciting and thrilling phase of every woman’s life. When you are pregnant, it is important to always maintain the health of self and the baby. When you have gone through six months of pregnancy, you mean you have completed the second trimester and enter the third trimester, the most important trimester.


You should remain cautious to keep your baby safe and healthy during that period. Because, in addition to bringing new life into your womb, your body tends to suppress the immune system to some extent to keep your baby at its best. A highly recommended solution for coughs, colds, and flu is to take herbs. Here are some tips you can use to cope with your flu during pregnancy.

Saline Nasal Drops Can Be a Flu Drug During Pregnant

nasal congestion is a common symptom that often arises when will be exposed to colds and flu. You can try the saline nose drops to open your airways. Saline nasal drops or saline nose drops are a safe choice for both you and the baby.


steaming is one of the most effective and the most commonly recommended methods for treating nasal congestion. But, remember that adding drugs to water can reverse the effect. So, never add anything to the water for your steaming process without the consent of a doctor.

Get enough rest

taking adequate rest during pregnancy can be a difficult situation, especially if you are a woman who is actively working and on the move. But, it is better to allow time for your body to heal itself. Take a break and leave for a moment the activities that burden your body.


with salt water, a sore throat that comes along with flu and cough can be treated. You can try it with salt water gargle. Add salt to warm water and use this to help relieve the itching in your throat. Gargle at least three times a day for better results. You can also add some cloves of garlic into the water.

Ginger tea

ginger tea is the first choice to treat coughs and colds during pregnancy. It is very effective for colds and will make you feel better within three or four days. If you are wondering how to treat coughs and colds during pregnancy, try ginger tea.


honey is one of the favorite ingredients to treat a cough and sore throat. Take a teaspoon of honey directly or add honey to your tea. Mixing honey and lemon together is also an excellent solution for a cough and flu during pregnancy.


if you think how to treat coughs and flu during pregnancy, try peppermint. Peppermint is one way to treat colds and coughs during pregnancy. Menthol in peppermint will act to treat itchy throat and relieve a cough.

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