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How To Prevent High Blood Pressure

Prevent high blood pressure is generally difficult to detect and newly known medically when performing blood pressure tests. It is then that a person realizes that he is suffering from hypertension or high blood pressure. High blood pressure is a serious case of health. The danger again, this hypertension has a significant contribution to some other diseases such as narrowing of the arteries, coronary heart, and stroke. How to prevent high blood pressure is most effective is to check regular health to the doctor, especially blood pressure examination whether the level of normal, high (hypertension), or low (anemia)


How to prevent high blood pressure is also quite powerful is to change the wrong lifestyle, for example with sleep and adequate rest. Food factors also have a big share of blood pressure. Therefore it is highly recommended to consume a type of food that is able to control blood pressure and stabilize blood pressure in the body. What food is it?

Skim Milk Can Prevent High Blood Pressure

Skim milk includes low fat milk (low fat) rich in calcium and vitamin D. Calcium and vitamin D itself is needed by the body to lower blood pressure. If the body lacks calcium and vitamin D then it is very risky suffering from hypertension. In addition to effectively lower blood pressure, calcium is also able to maintain bone strength.


To minimize the risk of high blood pressure should we replace the consumption of high carbohydrate rice with foods containing real grains, such as white bread.

Fresh Fruits Whatever the type

fresh fruits contain a number of vitamins and minerals that are powerful enough to prevent hypertension. Eating fruits every day in addition to avoid the risk of high blood pressure also makes the skin becomes more beautiful and smooth. This is due to the vitamins contained in fresh fruits nutritious rejuvenate the skin and helps skin regeneration.

Non-Iodine Food

To prevent high blood pressure we should reduce the consumption of foods that are too salty or containing too high iodine. Iodine is a substance contained in salts that could potentially cause a rise in blood pressure. Besides foods that are too salty, spicy and sour foods can also trigger high blood pressure.


Arguably garlic is a ‘magic’ kitchen spice that is able to relieve high blood pressure. Benefits of garlic as one of the high blood pressure healers instead of making it or not for no reason. Alisin compounds contained in garlic quite effectively dilate blood vessels and prevent blood clotting. Not only that, garlic also has the ability to burn fat and lower bad cholesterol (LDL).

Celery juice

How to cure high blood pressure with celery juice is not a myth.  Survey proves drinking celery juice 1x a day for 1 week can help lower high blood pressure. Please note celery contains high potassium, minerals and antioxidants that can balance blood pressure. Besides, celery also contains a 3-n-butylphthalide compound that is effective enough to dilate the muscles in the artery wall so that blood circulation returns smoothly. These compounds are also able to neutralize stress hormones that can cause blood vessels to shrink.

In addition to 6 ways to prevent high blood pressure above, there are some foods that are allegedly able to prevent high blood pressure such as avocado, olive oil, sunflower seeds, and dark brown vegetables.…

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