How to Cope With Flu and Nasal Congestion

Entering the rainy season, colds and flu begin to be experienced by everyone. Sometimes when experiencing colds and flu, the nose also come clogged. Have you ever had a stuffy nose? Nasal congestion certainly interferes with our breathing. Breathing becomes difficult and not calm. Especially if you have a nasal congestion when about to sleep. Argh, not really. Activity gets annoyed because of nasal congestion.


Nasal congestion can be experienced by anyone, not least the baby. When an adult who has a nasal congestion, of course, can handle it alone. But what if it happens to children or even babies. Of course, we as a person or family become dull because children, especially babies cannot say something well.

Nasal congestion is common from flu and colds. Mucus or ordinary we call snot that should come out of the nose stuck and settle in the nose causing us to be difficult to breathe. A clogged nose can be just one hole, either. When the nasal congestion is still we can still breathe with the nostril next to it. But when the stuffy nose is both, how are we going to breathe?

For those of you who experience nasal congestion, may soon buy drugs at the pharmacy. But often taking drugs is also not good for the body. It turns out that in addition to overcoming stuffy noses by taking medication, there is another way that is easier and does not require to overcome a stuffy nose for yourself, your child, or your baby. How to overcome stuffy nose

Warm Water Can Relieve Flu

Warm drinks will make the mucus that settles on the nose becomes more dilute so that the liquid can come out. Not only drink warm mineral water, you can vary with warm tea, warm ginger, warm lemon tea, warm mint tea, which contains antiseptic and natural decongestants to facilitate breathing.

Inhale Moisture Warm

inhaling steam can relieve nasal congestion because the warm water vapor that we breathe will also help melt the mucus present in the nose. Cook water until it boils and then you breathe the steam. Do not get too close to the nose does not blister.

Compressing The Nose With Warm Water

prepare a small towel or handkerchief which is then dipped in warm water. Put a small towel that has been dipped in warm water in the nose. Compressing the nose with a towel dipped in warm water can be an effective way of dealing with a baby’s nose.

Throwing Nasal Secretions (Snot)

both you and your child or baby have a nasal congestion immediately remove the snot in the nose so as not to block the way of breathing.

Warms Up

another easy way to overcome a stuffy nose is to warm your body, can by turning off the air conditioner or fan. Then blanket your body or your child and baby. How to warm the other body to overcome the nasal congestion is with a warm bath.

Eating Garlic

how to cope with an oral congestion orally but not taking medication is by eating or chewing directly on garlic. Garlic acts as an antibacterial and anti-fungal agent that is useful to suppress bacteria that cause nasal congestion.

Eating Spicy Foods

This method is an easy and fun way, maybe for you lovers of spicy food. By eating food, by itself, mucus will flow out when you experience spiciness.

Sleep With Extra Pillows

sleeping with an extra pillow or 2 pillows on your head will keep your head tilted so that it will help breathing when you are about to sleep.

Massage The Nose Lightly

massaging the upper part of the nose using your thumb and forefinger will help your nose to relieve. Simply by lightly massaging your nose in a circular motion until the nose feels relieved.