Things Should Avoid When Menstruation

Menstruation comes without pain, but for some others, coming months can be a nightmare because of the pain that is so torturous. In addition to abdominal cramps and pain that can not be expressed in words, some women also experience excessive blood flow during menstruation, mood swings, irrepressible back pain, headache, and irritation. All of these conditions not only cause discomfort but also affect daily activities.


Flatulence during menstruation is due to water retention in the tissues. This condition may not be too serious, but if allowed to continue for some time then it can cause infertility aka infertility in women. Here are some taboos that should be avoided and should not be done when in the future.

Cold Water Shower Not Good During Menstruation

if you are in a menstrual period, should avoid using a cold water bath. Why? Because with a cold shower, it will further aggravate the pain. Therefore it is always advisable to take a bath with warm water, and also apply hot water compresses in the stomach to help reduce pain and cramps.

Taking Pain Relief Drugs

if you experience extreme pain during menstruation, do not take drugs that aim to reduce the pain you are experiencing. This will only lead to increased bleeding.

Salty Food

it is important to avoid foods that are very salty when you are coming months. Foods rich in salt content will cause flatulence. This will make you uncomfortable and lazy too.


stress is one of the main factors affecting menstrual period in women. Several studies have shown that if the mind is relaxed and unencumbered, it will ease the menstrual cycle.

Therefore, women should keep themselves from stress during the coming months so as not to torture. In fact, stress can also cause irregular menstrual cycles. that’s some tips from me. may be useful