How to Treat Thrush on Natural Tongue

Thrush can actually easily attack my friend when the body is in a condition of vitamin C deficiency, vitamin B12, and iron. In addition to lack of nutrients, canker sores will come when my friend does not maintain oral hygiene or when the immune system is too weak. Quite effective and effective indeed. But if you want to use a natural and traditional way, you can use:


Coconut Water can treat Thrush Natural Sprue

Coconut water is very effective to replace body fluids lost due to dehydration. In addition, coconut water can also be used as a remedy for canker sores. My friend just drank coconut water. Fresh right?


Yoghurt is a beverage that can maintain a good balance of bacteria in the mouth and body. Acidity in yogurt can also accelerate the healing process of wounds caused by canker sores.

Turmeric can treat Thrush Natural Sprue

Must Buddy get used to knowing turmeric as a spice kitchen right? Edit, it turns turmeric able to overcome canker sores! Prepare turmeric to taste, then wash and pound turmeric until soft. Mix the turmeric that has been gentle with 1 teaspoon of glycerin, then apply to the sprue pal.

Salt and Baking Soda

This one potion is very sore. But my friend needs to try it so that canker sores can heal quickly. Actually just by sprinkling wound with salt alone can also. But to be more complete, my friend can add a mixture of salt, baking soda, and a little water until it becomes a paste. Then apply a paste on the part of the sprue. Wait until 10 minutes, then my friend can rinse to clean up the rest of the pasta that is still in the mouth.

Know that canker sores can also appear because my friend is experiencing stress. Therefore, try my friend can prevent the canker sores. For example, with lots of vegetables and fruits, drink plenty of water, adequate rest, and exercise regularly. Buddy should also be more careful when brushing teeth and chewing food so as not to bite.