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facial skin

The skin as the outermost part of the body is very easy to be contaminated with dirt or other bacteria. In addition, facial skin is the part of the body that is most at risk of irritation because almost every day it is covered by make-up , exposed to sunlight, and also pollution.

Therefore, facial skin often experiences many problems, such as dullness, acne, black spots, and wrinkles. Everyone is required to maintain the health of their skin everyday. If you ignore the slightest skin health problems, it can trigger the emergence of serious health problems. Impaired skin health can also make you insecure.

Everyone has a different definition of healthy and beautiful skin. However, in general, healthy and beautiful skin is characterized by a soft and moisturized skin texture, which makes you feel confident. Therefore, you need to understand some ways to take care of your face so that your face is always young and toned. Here are some natural tips to keep your skin healthy, so that your face remains firm and youthful.


The first beauty and health tips for facial skin is to regularly clean your skin from dirt and bacteria. If you feel your skin becomes dry, you should use a moisturizer that suits your skin type.


Adequate sleep is very important for the beauty and health of facial skin, if you want your facial skin to be firm and look youthful. If you don’t get enough sleep, it can make your facial skin look tired and dull. If you are too often sleep deprived, it will have an impact on the appearance of eye bags or dark circles under the eyes.


Beauty and facial health tips that you also need to pay attention to is to protect your skin from the sun, especially when the sun is at its highest intensity, which is 10.00 to 16.00. Always use sun protection that has an SPF of more than 15 by applying it about 20 minutes before you go out and also wear protective clothing, such as long-sleeved shirts, long pants, or hats. Apply this, then your facial skin will always look youthful naturally.


Stress can encourage the adrenal glands to produce cortisol, which is the main stress hormone that causes the production of oily fat from the sebaceous glands. If the amount of oily fat is too much, it can close the skin pores and trap acne-causing bacteria in it. Therefore, natural beauty tips that you can apply is to reduce your stress level.


Beauty and facial health tips that are no less important are taking care of them from the body by eating healthy and nutritious foods that can help you maintain your beauty and skin health. Eating healthy and nutritious foods such as fruits and vegetables is one of the most important ways to make your facial skin look healthier and firmer, so it looks younger. You also need to meet the needs of water so that the skin can be kept moist. Sufficient drinking water needs at least 8-10 glasses per day.


Tips for beauty and facial skin health that are no less important is to stay away from alcohol. Alcohol itself can dehydrate your body and skin, making your skin look tired and dull, and excessive alcohol consumption can cause a natural decrease in collagen production.

Collagen itself plays a role in maintaining skin elasticity. Thus, the lack of collagen reserves in the body will have an impact on the skin regeneration process being not optimal. This triggers fine wrinkles to appear on your skin more quickly. In addition, alcohol can trigger hormonal instability so that it makes oil production increase. This can trigger acne on the skin.


Smoking is one of the things that can damage the skin because it can make your skin age faster. Smoking can reduce the production of collagen, resulting in reduced skin elasticity and damage skin cells. Reduce your smoking habit, to get firm skin, so it always looks young.…

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5 Smart Tips Buying Branded Stuff

As women have fashion equipment from a reputable brand is certainly a pride of its own. However, the difficult economic circumstances of today, forcing many people to brake their spending on clothes, bags and shoes. However, that does not mean you can not shop for branded stuff anymore. As summarized from Forbes, here are five shopping tips to stay fashionable but still can save.



Saving is the right solution for you to buy goods coveted. If you’ve been eyeing a luxury leather bag from a reputable brand, plan when you can raise money to get that dream bag. A month, three months or a year is not the most important problem You should focus on saving to get your coveted items,

Do not Follow Trend

Buy expensive fashion equipment should choose a classic model that does not follow the trend. If you buy a snake motif dress by a top designer. Probably some months you wear the clothes. Then the clothes with snake motifs are no longer a trend. Sure would be very unfortunate, you’ve spent enough money to buy it, but only used two or three times only.

Should choose a plain dress with a good material, and of course you can wear it until bored. This is because the goods simple and classic models we will still use despite many trends. French designer Anne Fontaine, known for her white shirt design, says that besides women should have a little black dress (LBD) – black mini-cut dresses, they should also have beautiful blouses, jeans, black pants, the best shirts and jackets .

Buy at Outlet

Many official outlets sell goods at low prices. Usually being sold is an old collection. Like the outlets of Charles & Keith and Pedro shoes that are in the FX. They sell the old collection with a more affordable price compared to the price in the store. As in one of the outlets in Hong Kong, you can buy Prada and Miu Miu products with cheaper price. There, you can get the Italian product with a discount up to 70% for the old collection with good condition of the goods.

Search Through Online

Look through online with the help of Google. You will find many blogs that sell branded goods at affordable prices. But usually sold is used goods. Notice the condition with the photos shown, look for goods whose condition is still good and worth using.

End of Season Branded Discount

Usually every season change (every 6 months) almost all stores give discounts. Not infrequently given discount up to 80%. Take advantage of these discount moments to get branded items.…

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Online Shop

Advantages of Online Shop Business

There can be no doubt that online shop business now have considerable business prospects. Business opportunities are fairly easy and cheap to run is able to provide big profits for the perpetrators of their business. Starting from selling goods and offering services through online stores. Help product offerings as resells and affiliates attracted many business seekers.

Online Shop

Just like offline business opportunities, online business can also provide substantial benefits. Both advantages in material form and indirect benefits such as the breadth of the network. In running an online business, the amount of profits earned depends on persistence and optimization of websites and online media used.

Many online business run by the public, because online business has several advantages that are not owned by offline businesses.

Here are some of the advantages of online shop business that attract business seekers:

Does not require venture capital that is too big. In running an online business, capital is not the main thing for entrepreneurs. Because many opportunities that can be run with a small capital even without capital at all. The main capital that should be owned is a computer facility and the Internet network.

Reaches a wider market than offline stores. The second advantage of online business is the breadth of market coverage. Because with the Internet network, can help marketing the business you run to cover all the regions and even to other countries. All it takes is to optimize the use of SEO, so that your business is easy to find consumers.

Operational costs tend to be cheaper than offline businesses. Online business that you can do from home, and does not require too high operational costs like an offline business.

Providing benefits both material and non-material. The benefits of material obtained from online business is not less big than offline business, because the online business operating costs are still low. In addition, non-material benefits with the increasing network extent, is also very helpful development of online business that is run.

Unlimited online business work time, even 24 hours nonstop. Because in running an online business that works is the system, so our duties as business owners only provide follow-up on requests that have been received system.

Easy service provided to consumers, with online facilities that support. For example for the payment can be done by including your company account number, so the results of sales turnover can be directly received.…

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Shopping Online Fashion

What’s In For Spring, Summer season, Fall, And Winter

Did you know you’ll be able to refine a search by telling Yahoo to look for certain types of content? Through research and finding out the customers’ lives the wants of the customer may be obtained and assist vogue manufacturers know what traits the customers are ready for. Click a content material type to see the sorts of filters accessible within it. Most filters have many standards you’ll be able to choose from, which change depending in your search term.

We often have to attract the road between designers being inspired by a design and people outright stealing it in different places.” quotation wanted To take inspiration from others’ designs contributes to the style trade’s skill to ascertain clothes tendencies.

A person unduly dedicated to style, neatness, and style in costume and look. Consists of all the latest fashion traits, news and guides for 2018. Your favorite road style icons: Mr. Hirofumi Kurino from United Arrows. Search the most effective-in-class content available on Yahoo Finance, or lookup a quote by looking its ticker.

The approach to life model was created and impressed by the fashion designer, specializing in Prepared-To-Put on, avenue fashion that brings unique messaging and excessive-quality pieces. Discover the latest 2017 clothes tendencies from InStyle, together with inspiration from celebrities and classy outfit ideas from consultants in trend.

One such example of Vogue’s recognition is the youthful model, Teen Vogue , which covers clothing and developments that are focused more towards the “fashionista on a finances”. Get your every day dose of inspiration in trend developments, hairstyles, nail designs and makeup.…

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Casual Style Women

Shop Online For Fashion

Free transport on males’s vogue at Store on-line vogue and equipment for men. ninety% of visitors wish to see great design paired with awesome products, easy-to-learn fonts (but matching the general design!), and so on. We’re happy you with the latest developments in excessive style dots trend clothes store. Their ‘A day in the life’ video showcases the many steps their merchandise go through, from concept to final design.

Ikuti lebih banyak akun untuk mendapatkan pembaruan aktual mengenai topik yang Anda minati. On-line ads include textual content, photos, and enhanced content that Yahoo has been paid to place in certain places on Yahoo sites. You may as well discover Outfitters and outlets open on sunday in Lede.

Pet Store Cerita: merawat hewan peliharaan yang lucu dan desain toko hewan peliharaan yang unik dengan teman-teman. Vogue story Gamenya pasti pakai kuota,ngabisin kuota aja,nyesel udah download,kasihan uangnya, dan orang tuamu cari uang untukmu,malah buat beli paketan habis itu buat fundamental ini game.

The boutique, known as Catcher, is an initiative by Lidiya Aleksandrova, a trend skilled with a lengthy observe file within the luxury business, and pretty much displays here experience as a purchaser and retailer manager. Harap dicatat bahwa Mode Kisah bebas untuk bermain, tapi Anda dapat membeli di-app item dengan uang sungguhan.

Ketika Anda melihat Tweet yang Anda suka, sentuh tombol hati ‘” orang yang menulisnya akan diberi tahu bahwa Anda telah menyebarkan cinta. The likes of Gap and Abercrombie have had several years to speed up their manufacturing process and shake up operations to be extra flexible in reacting to trend developments.

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A Hidden Tool to Help You Grocery Shop

A Hidden Tool to Help You Grocery Shop

Hand held baskets are very friendly for grocery shoppers on a budget. Normally the second or third shopping trip that I take to the store requires very few items. When this is the scenario I use a hand held basket unless I need milk or something heavy.

Hand held carts normally mean you are shopping for only a few items. That is why they are hard to find at grocery stores. They want you to use a cart so you can buy more. I like these baskets when I only need to buy some produce, fruit and a couple more items. Trying to buy $20 or more worth of food may fit in a basket but it is so heavy that you naturally take the items you don’t need out. It is similar to walking to the grocery store. If you have to carry everything you purchased home via walking you tend to buy less.

The shopping basket will allow you to get in and out so much more quickly. You can navigate small openings in the flow of people and their large carts. Reaching for items around other people’s carts is a simple task, so simple you may not even have to stop walking to grab what you need.

I find baskets have not evolved the way shopping carts have evolved. They tend to have straight handles that are not comfortable when any weight is added to the basket. The new basket styles with wheels and the kind with a pull handle are built for people under the height of 5′ 6″. Tall people can not walk upright while pulling the basket.

Unlike the shopping cart, I do not vertically stack my groceries. I tend to follow my list, throw what I need in and head directly to the checkout before the strategically placed other stuff becomes suggestive to me.

The best part about using these small basket is the ability to maneuver at the checkout lines. Changing direction to get the shortest express line is so much easier than with a large heavy cart. The seldom used self checkout line is a breeze when you only have a few items to scan.

If you can not find a basket in the same section as the large shopping carts no need to worry. The grocery store has a small number of them compared to carts but I normally find them nicely stacked by express lanes or in the self checkout isles. Take a peak next time you are shopping to see if you can find them.…

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Price Per Ounce – The True Value of Your Groceries

Price Per Ounce – The True Value of Your Groceries

This one tip can really help save you lots of money on your groceries and other household necessities. It is simply about becoming in tune with what things cost per ounce (or per unit). This can require a slight shift in thinking. The common misconception is that there is a greater value in bottles or packages that are larger. But that’s not always the case. Occasionally a store will put the smaller size on sale for a better value than the larger size. Or with using coupons you can get the price per ounce down even lower on the smaller item.

The trick is to get the most product for the lowest amount per ounce. To figure this you simply divide the total price by the number of ounces in the product and you get the cost per ounce. You can also figure the cost per unit if you prefer. This is better for things like packages of individual-sized soda, juice, and chips. Instead of figuring the total number of ounces, you would divide the price by the number of units in the package and find a price per each individual item.

It really can pay off to study the different sizes offered and figure the price per ounce. Some grocery stores are even making this easy and printing the price per ounce directly on the shelf label. If your store doesn’t do this, carrying a small calculator can help you quickly figure out the price per ounce on any item you are buying. 

Occasionally a manufacturer will offer a larger amount as a bonus amount only offered on certain flavors or scents. Generally the price is the same as the normal price and it is advertised on the packaging as a certain percentage more for the same price. This can be a great way to get an even lower price per ounce. So if you are indifferent to the type, check out the other product to see if there’s one available with a bonus size. 

Also, another place to think about price per ounce is in terms of ordering food or drinks when you are away from home. Some simple pre-planning can help you save lots of money. I’m not suggesting you should never eat out or order drinks away from home, but you are certainly paying a premium when you do this. For instance let’s say you get a 16-ounce orange juice from a fast food drive-through. The price is $2.09. This means that the cost per ounce is about 14¢. If instead you buy a can of orange juice concentrate at the store, it makes 64 ounces of juice. Usually this costs approximately $1.00 for a can of orange juice concentrate. That is less than 2¢ per ounce!  

So if you are accustomed to going through a drive-through on the way to work in the morning and picking up coffee or juice or something like that, I would encourage you to calculate the price per ounce and see what you are really paying for that. You could simply make orange juice or coffee at home and use a travel cup. …

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How to Use Your Grocery Weekly Ad

How to Use Your Grocery Weekly Ad

Grocery weekly ads appear in the mailbox along with junk mail, bills, and ads from local businesses. When you’re sorting your mail, resist the urge to toss these advertisements along with the rest of the junk. Far from being junk, these grocery ads can help you save big money as you plan and execute your family’s grocery shopping trips.

First, consider using the grocery weekly ad in combination with your freezer or even a deep freeze to help you save money on non-perishable items. If your family enjoys frozen pizza, keep an eye out for sales and buy several at once. Keep them handy in the freezer for sleepovers, those nights when cooking isn’t happening, or nights when cooking happened and didn’t go too well. Another great item to keep an eye out for in weekly ads and buy on sale are frozen dinners and lunches. Buy your favorites on sale and grab them on your way out the door. You will save not only on the frozen meals, but also save even more by avoiding expensive trips out for lunch because you don’t have anything to eat. Meats are another excellent item to buy on sale and store for later. Keep track of what meat you have frozen and you’ll know when to buy more. Use your inventory list to help you plan meals.

Grocery weekly ads can also help you plan an economical week of using fresh foods as well. A large portion of your grocery bill probably comes from produce, and by planning cleverly you can cut those costs. You know what fruits and vegetables your family likes, so you can ensure that they eat a variety of healthy foods by rotating the produce you buy based on what is on sale each week. Plan your dinner menu around what fresh ingredients are on sale, and use your frozen meats to make your main dishes.

Shoppers who take a list are far less likely to make impulse purchases. If you use your grocery weekly ad to help you write your list, you will be able to stay on-track and on-budget. Those spontaneous purchases of pricey goods can be eliminated if you use grocery ads to identify smart purchases. Fresh seafood and deli meats and cheeses don’t have to go by the wayside just because you’re on a budget; the weekly ads can help you figure out how to make smart purchases. Also, by identifying the new foods you’d like to try by using the ad, you can find the recipes to make those foods and be sure you get everything you need at the store, reducing additional trips (and additional chances for impulse buying).…

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Seven Things (Not) To Do With Four Children – The Financial and Emotional Cost Calculator

Seven Things (Not) To Do With Four Children – The Financial and Emotional Cost Calculator

It’s a struggle to come up with ideas for things to do when you have such a large family to keep everyone entertained and occupied, other than video games, movie rentals and television. Here’s some examples of things I’ve tried to do and/or done, and found that it’s really not a viable option when you have four kids for both financial and sanity reasons:

1. Go grocery shopping ~ This is a nice outing for me. Even me plus one kid. But two or more, or, God Forbid, 4?! No. Let me count the ways that this does not work. You will not be able to refer to your grocery list, because every time you take your eyes off the kid in the buggy, he will grab the bread from the back and squeeze it until it pops. The kid that’s walking beside the buggy will (worst case scenario) disappear into thin air, or (best case scenario) will pick things randomly off the shelf and put them into the buggy. You will spend an extra $50 on items you didn’t even realize you bought until you get home. The older kids (whom you would think would be assets in this situation) revert to toddlers and begin whining and arguing with you over your food choices. One will hit and/or poke the other to get a rise out of him/her, causing you to say obscene things very loudly, and making you the target of stares and judgments cast by onlookers who think (no, KNOW) that they are better parents than you. I actually said to an old woman one day, “You think you can do better than me?! Take ’em.” This does not make you appear to be a good parent, I realized. You cannot win in this situation. Avoid it at all costs. If you must go to the store, take only one child, or–better yet–go ALONE. Here’s another tip: Do not bring your husband. He will argue with you about what brand of rice you have bought for the past 5 years, which will make you irritated, walk away from the rice and continue your shopping faster than is prudent to keep ahead of your husband, and thus skip lots of things on your list.

2. Go out to eat ~ Many people have said to me, “I think it’s cheaper to eat out than to cook nowadays.” These people do not have 4 children. While our grocery bill is pretty steep (just take all your recipes and double them, sometimes triple them, to feed our family for one meal), we have to sell a family heirloom to go to the local buffet. On these rare occasions, we all order water, and we still spend an average of $65 at “reasonably priced” restaurants. Taco night at home: $20. Plus, at home we have the option of fixing a smaller or larger plate depending on each kid’s appetite that day. My 4 and 5 year olds will go days eating only bites of food and slices of bread, then on the 3rd day will eat everything in the house. We can pay for an all-you-can-eat buffet for these children, and they will eat two bites of corn and then whine the rest of the meal. This makes the tab a little hard to swallow. So, we opt to plan out our menu and buy what we need for that week. Of course, this only works because my husband does most of the cooking. If my kids had to rely on me for a home cooked meal 3 times a day 7 days a week, we’d all be fat McDonald’sA� frequent flyers.

3. Go to the movies ~ Even a matin?�e show will cost us $30 for tickets, and $400 for popcorn and drinks. If we want to see a 3D movie, add $80 to the above. These figures are slightly skewed to inflict the same kind of emotional distress I feel after forking out all this dough in exchange for and hour of prodding my children to sit down, shut up, and watch the dad-blame movie. Rentals, all the way. I cannot stress this enough.

4. Go to a water park / amusement park ~ My very good friend’s mother works at a radio station and scored us free admission tickets to a water park 2 hours away from home. We spent about 5 hours there. It was hot and swimming makes you hungry. We spent $5,000 on drinks and crappy food. I never left the “kiddy area” because someone had to keep an eye on the little ones. The big ones stood in lines forever only to chicken out at the last second and …

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Get Slim Trick: Read Labels To Choose ‘Buy Vs Bye’

Get Slim Trick: Read Labels To Choose ‘Buy Vs Bye’

Unless you eat all your meals away from home, getting slim and staying that way starts with grocery shopping. This is where and when we make choices that either get us slim and healthy or fat and wishing we weren’t. You control what goes into your cart, into your kitchen, and into your body. If you want to be slim and healthy, become a label reader and make a “buy vs. bye” decision for every item you consider for purchase, before it goes into your cart.

Label reading is your first step: it will make you aware of what you are eating. All you are looking for is 100% real food. It’s very simple. If you only buy 100% real food, if you eat nothing artificial, nothing fake, no chemicals or additives, no processed foods, you will find a path to becoming your slim self.

So many grocery items contain ingredients that aren’t really food. We assume we are buying food simply because it’s offered for sale at the grocery store. We need to be clear on what our standard is for what comes home with us. Taste, value, and nutrition all need to come together. By reading the label, we have an opportunity to reject items that do not meet our standard.

If non-food ingredients are included in a food item, one might ask why? Could it be that certain ingredients cause cravings, which lead to repeated purchase of that item? Could it be that certain chemical ingredients cause a distortion of our body’s built-in hunger signals? I wonder. Food scientists are important and knowledge is beneficial. We certainly need more knowledge regarding food and how it affects people, especially when discussing allergies. But do we need more chemical engineering of processed foods? Do we need to be tricked, by flavor enhancers, into spending our dollars or our appetites on foods that don’t nourish us- regardless of whether we are skinny or fat? This part of a food scientist’s job should be eliminated, if America is to becomes slim and healthy.

You don’t need to be a food scientist to understand what a label is telling you. Elementary knowledge will suffice. If the ingredient list is lengthy, chances are good the item needs to go bye-bye. If the first ingredient is sugar or bleached flour, back to the shelf it goes. Artificial sweeteners definitely need to go bye-bye-unless you are diabetic and you’ve earned your occasional right to a sweet treat. Research shows that artificial sweeteners cause weight gain. Flavor enhancers? Do a little research to learn all the different names of MSG. Then don’t buy that stuff and remember to visit the spice aisle. Grocery stores have multiple aisles of processed foods, loaded with chemical additives. Don’t even enter those aisles. This category will certainly give you extra hidden calories with no redeeming value. I keep wondering how much square footage a grocery store would need if all processed foods were removed. Less square footage would save some money, wouldn’t it?

So what’s left? What will our grocery cart contain if we read every label and wisely employ the “buy vs. bye” technique? What can we look forward to eating and enjoying without guilt, without distorting our taste buds? Answer?Everything else. Nuts and dried fruits, beans, 100% whole grain breads, pasta, and crackers, fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, organically raised beef and chicken. The list is lengthy. Just ask yourself if it comes out of the ground or from a field, or off of a tree or bush. How was it readied for market? Is it in it’s original form or has it been altered/prepared/added to?

Once you eliminate from your daily eating all the things that no one should eat, you’ll be able to trust your body’s hunger as a guideline for when and how much you should eat. Eat nutritiously when you are hungry. Stop eating before you are stuffed.

It’s never too late to make fit and healthy your goal. Grocery shopping provides a wonderful opportunity for us to make choices that contribute to our good health. Next time you grocery shop, what will be on your “buy vs. bye” list?

Do what you can do to be a fit healthy person, because it feels so good. Read labels. Understand the label. Make a decision: “bye” vs. buy”.…