12 Tips to Slash Your Grocery Shopping Bill

Here are my top tips that can help:

• Write a list of the grocery you need to buy for the week. Plan your meals for each day of the week to help avoid any wastage. Try and stick to your list when you are walking around the supermarket.

• Be prepared to use own supermarket brands rather than the expensive brands, at first it doesn’t seem a lot when you are only saving a few pence but it does all add up.

• Look out for offers such as buy one get on free offers and half price offers. I usually stock up and buy more if they have a long life on these, and they are my usual items I buy for example chopped tomatoes tins and tuna tins.

• Use any vouchers you may have collected and any the supermarkets have sent you for money off.

• Most supermarkets have a reduced items shelf, this usually is near the end of the day where the best before day has 1 or 2 days left. You can get some good items at a reduced price.

• Try shopping online, this ensures you will stick to your shopping list and only buy what you need.

• For long life items and household goods such as toilet paper, washing powder, kitchen rolls seek to bulk buy these items, as buying bigger packs can often work out cheaper.

• Avoid going shopping with the children as we all know they can be great at persuading us to buy items that are not on the shopping list.

• Try local or cheaper discounted shops for fruit and vegetables. I also find places like PoundLand are great for buying big packs of crisps for A�1.

• Grow you own fruit and vegetables. If this is too much to do try starting with herbs that you use as these can be very expensive to buy, that way you can pick them as and when you need it. You don’t need a lot of space you can do this on your window sil.

• If you have babies and you know you are going to be using nappies and wipes for some time, stock up when there are offers, if you are not sure how fast your baby will grow and you want to stock up on nappies buy a pack in your current size i.e size 3 and then buy a bigger size, i.e size 4 and a pack of size 5 etc. That way you can still take advantage of the discounts and don’t have to worry about the nappies being too small later on as they will eventually grow into the bigger sizes.

• Final tip, one I love the most is collect the points from your supermarket, as these convert to other lovely free things!

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