5 Ways to Save Money at the Grocery Store

Looking for more ways to save money at the grocery store? In this uncertain economy, many people are trying to squeeze out just a little bit more from each dollar. If you are among those looking to stretch your budget, consider these five ways you can save some money when you shop at your local grocery supermarket.

1. Reach for items on the higher shelves. “Why would I want to do this?” you ask. The answer is simple but not widely known. Grocery stores often place the higher priced “premium” items at chest and shoulder height, where it’s easier for you to select the items. Lower priced items are usually placed on the top shelves where it takes a little more effort to reach them. Make the effort, reach high, and save money!

2. Buy from your local butcher. We tend to think that our grocery super store has everything at the cheapest prices, but this is not always so. Consider going to your local butcher for fresh cuts of meat that may actually be cheaper than the grocery store.

3. Visit your local farmer’s market. Many towns and cities have farmer’s markets where local farmers bring their best fresh picked produce to market. Here you will be sure to find a large variety of fresh fruit and vegetables that is a steal when compared to the produce at the super market.

4. Buy potatoes. Yes if you want to save a ton of money on groceries, buy potatoes. Potatoes are a very inexpensive staple food item that can be used in a multitude of recipes. The larger the bag, the cheaper per pound you will pay. Once again, check out your local farmer’s market, as they often have potatoes at rock bottom prices-even cheaper than at the grocery store.

5. Buy groceries online. This is a relatively new way to shop for groceries, and one you should consider if you want to save money. Many grocery chains offer online shopping these days. By grocery shopping online, you reduce the chance of buying things you don’t need since you’re not actually walking the store aisles where there’s always a tempting goody around every corner.

In summary, we’ve presented five ways you can same money at the grocery store. Saving money sometimes comes by dribs and drabs, but it does add up in the end. The adage, “a penny saved is a penny earned” is still true. Saving your money by being a smart shopper is almost like getting a pay raise, and who doesn’t need a pay raise nowadays!