A Guide to Incredible Bhubaneshwar

With more than 600 temples that give a glimpse of its rich 3000 years old heritage, Bhubaneshwar, the capital of Orissa India is an epitome of the truest fusion of dream and reality. Besides being a melting pot of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, what is unique about Bhubaneshwar is that it holds a supreme position in the field of art, culture and music. Bhubaneshwar’s Patachitra paintings, handlooms and fabulous handicrafts give it a favorable and matchless identity. When spoken about Bhubaneshwar handicrafts, the outstanding brass work, silver work, terracotta art objects and applique work, besides its unique handloom, needs particular mention.

Above and beyond celebrating the significant festivals like Dusshera, Durga Puja, Diwali and Holi, what is also distinctive about Bhubaneshwar is the people’s fervor for celebration. Apart from the temples and architecture the most interesting attractions near Bhubaneshwar is Nandan Kanan, the largest lion safari park in the country and an exciting place for wild life lovers.

Once your sight seeing is over you can take pleasure in doing some shopping in Bhubaneshwar. With an abundance of local markets flooded with traditional gift items, your shopping splurge can be well met in Bhubaneshwar. The best buys in the centers of shopping in Bhubaneshwar include patta paintings, sea shell work, stone and woodcarving, silk fabrics and silver filigree, also known as the tarakashi work. Applique work (chandua) on garments and weaving work, especially ‘ikat’ fabrics created by thousands of weavers of Orissa, has individuality of their own and are unparalleled in the world. Thus, with so much of options to buy, shopping in Bhubaneshwar is truly a rewarding experience.

Many of the hotels and restaurants in Bhubaneshwar offer an admirable assortment of Indian and Continental cuisine, and Chinese food as well. Traditional Orissan cuisines in most of the restaurants in Bhubaneshwar are served in several small dishes arranged together on a large thali (platter). Rice and fish are the staple fare in restaurants in Bhubaneshwar besides Maccha-besara, Aambila, Chenchada, all non-veggies. Chhena jilabi, Pitha, Kakara, etc. are the other delicacies that one can try.