ADD and Nutrition – Can You Get to the Finish Line?

When you do not eat properly you lose focus and find it hard to attend. Sounds familiar? Like other self care issues, lack of a proper diet can worsen an already compromised executive function system for an ADDer. Likewise, a balanced diet can help you in these areas.

Common wisdom suggest and studies have shown that consuming the recommended amount of protein can help you to be more alert. Also, there is anecdotal evidence to suggest that taking Omega 3 can help you focus better. At the same time, eating too many carbohydrates can lead to increased tiredness. The bottom line is that the dietary needs and impact of different foods and supplements is going to change from person to person. For more detailed advice and an individualized plan, it is best to see a nutritionist.

For many ADDers, knowing what to eat is not the problem. Rather, the common roadblocks to eating properly are related to the logistics of grocery shopping and meal planning. If this is the case for you, than strategizing about how to make these tasks easier is the place to start in order to eat better.

Making meals for yourself and your family can become overwhelming when there is no plan. Here is the picture:

It is 6:00 pm and you have not even thought about dinner. Yet, you are famished. The kids are proclaiming loudly that they will starve to death if they do not eat right at that moment. Your head is swimming, as you begin staring in the fridge, wondering… You may be wondering how to mute the kids, stop your head from swimming and make a meal appear without much effort. This is not a pretty scene.

A little bit of planning can minimize the chances of this being the nightly scene at you house. One way to minimize the times that this occurs is to create a list of meals along with all of the necessary ingredients (breakfasts, lunches and dinners) and post them on the fridge.

Since dinners are the most challenging meal, having a rotating list of about 10 easy meals will help. At the beginning of the week you can decide which meal of have on each day. While you can always change your mind, at least you do not have to make a decision at the last minute.

Of course, having lists of meals will be of no help, if you do not have food in the house. For some ADDers grocery shopping can be challenging because of time management issues as well as the overwhelming nature of the behemoth grocery stores. Below are some strategies to help make the grocery shopping experience a bit more palatable.

Stock up on few months of non-perishables.

Have a 2nd freezer where you can stock more frozen food.

Order through a delivery service, such as Peapod.

Shop at a smaller store, such as Trader Joes.

Type up a list according to your meals plans. When it is time to go to the grocery store, check to see what you need. This will also help to avoid impulsive buying.

What is one step you want to take to help you and/or you family eat better with less hassle?

In what ways will eating better help you to be more effective and efficient in your daily living?