Advantages of Online Grocery Shopping

Picture the scene: you have patiently waited you turn in the car park, suffered the not so patient honking of the horn happy chappy behind you whilst you carefully manoeuvre your car into the much longed for space, noting that the drivers either side of you really cosies up to those white lines. Round one successfully completed.

Unearthing your toddler from underneath the piles of toys, which are a certain must on driving journeys to keep toddlers tantrum free, you unclip him from the car seat, locate the dummy which quickly plug up the earth shattering wails of protest and run for cover of the supermarket before some do gooder whips out their mobile and shops you to Social Services for child cruelty. Round two successfully completed.

Driving again, only this time it’s the dreaded trolley, with your toddler in the driving seat, propped up high and in full view of all of the too sugary, too fatty, too chocolaty, and just about everything that is not on your well prepared list of things to buy. So in order to avoid glass jars breaking, caused by another mammoth wailing session courteous of your toddler, you set the trolley into fourth gear and attempt to get around the supermarket at a speed that Jeremy Clarkson and James May would be envious of. However, said trolley has been cursed and refuses to move any direction that you want it to move, so in desperation you compromise and only take left hand turns, carefully trying to avoid running into the trio of pensioners catching up on their weekly gossip around the dairy aisle. Child cruelty and elder abuse are not really acceptable behaviour in a supermarket. Round three is failing.

Toddler is now in possession of a family sized packet of crisps by way of a gagging order and you are now managing to load up the trolley with everything on the list, plus everything your toddler has pointed at because the holding breath until they turn blue trick can be slightly difficult to explain to the first aiders rushing to his rescue. Lets face it, which would really believe he did that on purpose because you refused to buy him a weeks supply of oven chips and chocolate biscuits. Those bogoffs looked appealing too and you are confident that you will manage to eat 6 pounds of apples before they go out of date, even if you end up making chutneys and applesauce. You’re pretty sure your mother in law has a recipe somewhere. Oh and the bakery aisle smells so good you just cant help loading up on those delights. Even your toddler approves and crusty cheese topped baguette clutched securely in his crisp coated paws you head off again. Round four failed the moment you got sidetracked by the bogoffs.

Half an hour into the queue, with only three people ahead of you, your toddler turns his baguette crumbed face towards you, beams a huge smile in your direction and casually says his newly learned word: marmite. And you realise with absolute horror that in your desperation to get this torturous shopping trip over with as quickly as humanely possible, you have forgotten the most important ingredient of your toddlers diet and now you have the unenviable choice between leaving your toddler in the charge of the multiple pierced, long haired chap behind you, who is vigorously nodding his head and champing his chewing gum in time to something incomprehensible he’s listening to, whilst you make a frantic dash in search of the marmite, just when the checkout operative decides to speed up because its almost time to go home, or do you go home yourself minus the most important item. Round five completely and utterly failed!

Picture this scene instead: freshly brewed cuppa on the table next to the sofa, laptop snuggled on your knee and toddler is in bed. Round one successfully completed.

You have already planned the weekly menu and have a well-prepared list of items that you need to buy, so after a well-earned chocolate biscuit and sip of tea, you happily click to select the items that you require. Round two successfully completed.

Tomato puree is not on the list but you are so sure that you need some for that beef casserole you are going to lovingly prepare for your wonderful family. Quick dash to the fridge to check, and to make sure also that you don’t need any more cereal. Round three brought back on track and successfully completed.

The total price showing is still under your budget due to your total commitment to your list, so as a reward you are able to chose a well earned bottle of red wine which will accompany that casserole so well. Round four successfully completed.

Delivery day arrives and ten minutes later you have a fully stocked kitchen. Round five successfully completed!