An Up and Coming Unisex Trend – The Denim Shirt!

Over the past few years, some types of clothing have become unisex. When jeans were first introduced, they were more aimed to men rather than women. However, as the years went by, many women began wearing jeans, and now jeans have become the most popular pants for both genders. Many types of clothing are currently undergoing through the same thing, since people dislike any type of discrimination – fashion included.

Obviously, there are many types of clothes that will never become unisex. These include dresses which are just for girls or tuxedos that are mainly for guys – then again, I kind of question the latter. As you can see, both of these are formal wear, but there are some casual clothes that will most likely never become unisex either. Skirts would be a good example. Many clothes are undergoing this transformation as we speak. This is great for companies that manufacture these clothes since their market will grow in size rapidly, if their clothes are worn by both men and women.

It will also be better for consumers, since we will be able to find different styles and colors in the clothes we like easier. One such example is the denim shirt. At the beginning, just like jeans, it was only men that wore denim shirts. Then, slowly, women started wearing them. That trend has yet to fully grow, so don’t expect to see many women wearing a denim shirt on the street. As a matter of fact, not many people prefer a denim shirt over a classic one. It is easier to find a woman carrying a suede handbag (which is rare) than finding a person wearing a denim shirt.

I personally believe that this is due to the fact that people still associate denim shirts with cowboys – but the trend is growing. Also, women who don’t like wearing jeans are having a hard time trying to match their skirts with denim shirts. If you are one of those women, no need to worry, I have your solution! Just wear a denim skirt! For women, denim skirts are the equivalent of a pair of jeans for men. Well, not as popular as jeans but still. Don’t waste any more time trying to match your denim shirt with non-denim skirts – it simply won’t look good.