Average Family Grocery Bill – How To Save Thousands On Grocery Shopping Reviewed

With the average family grocery bill getting higher and higher, I decided to take a look at a product that was reviewed as “the number one moneysaving resource” by a leading homemaking website.

I’m normally skeptical about products that claim to save me money but I got intrigued when my wife bought the product and has actually saved money every week.

So I read the e-book, and here are my observations about “Save Thousands Grocery Shopping” by Lana Dorazio.

Firstly Lana talks about how the average family spend over $200 too much on their grocery bill by simply not shopping smart. So if the info stacked up, saving $2500 dollars a year for a $19 dollar e-book looks a great deal.

I was expecting to read that I should use coupons, shop at Costco etc., and the savings would add up. Lana must have been looking to throw people like me a curveball as I read page after page of information that I genuinely had no idea about and certain things that made me laugh out loud as I recognized myself as the wasteful shopper I didn’t know I was (I’ve always taken pride in being a careful bargain hunter).

I saw that I had, like most people, fallen for most of the marketing tactics that grocery stores employ to get us to part with our money, without being aware of it.

The multi-deals and pricing information is worth the price of the e-book alone, in my opinion, and will have many people that read it face-palming themselves.

Most people will, prior to reading this information, like myself, have fitted into two categories that Lana mentions on the sales page for her product, those that think they are saving money already and those that don’t realize how much money can be saved.

The bonus information really grabbed me. The grocery pricebook and the interview with the store manager were strokes of genius. The pricebook is a great practical add-on and the interview exposing more inside secrets of the grocery industry compliments much of the information within the e-book and is a really interesting read that gets you thinking about the way you spend on food.

I recommend this product to anyone looking to save a large amount of money for a small investment. I fail to see how anyone implementing the strategies and information wouldn’t make the savings claimed, and I defy anyone not to mentally judge the wasteful spending habits of other shoppers that they see throwing their cash around as they shop for groceries, I know I do!