Basics Of Grocery Shopping For Your Diet – Part 1 – The Produce Department

One of the most important things you can do in the No Count Diet is to concentrate on a good variety of fresh vegetables and to some extent, fresh fruit. A lot of your time, if not most, should be spent at the grocery in the produce department.

What I find interesting is the more that I stay away from grains and sugars, the more I appreciate and enjoy vegetables of all kinds.

Stay clear of starchy vegetables for the most part, and stick with those vegetables that are green or leafy or not based in roots. The exception to that is sweet potatoes, which I find to be a great addition to a good meal without having a bad glycemic effect.

If you’re not real carbohydrate-sensitive, you can experiment a little more with fruits and certain vegetables that you want to stay away from if you are very carbohydrate-sensitive.

So, if you eat certain things, like say a small helping of potatoes and you find that it’s causing you to crave those things or gain weight, then steer clear of them completely.

Of course, it’s always recommended to buy organic vegetables if they’re available and within your budget. Then you’ll know they don’t have fungicides, pesticides, and other chemicals, and they are not genetically engineered, or contain things that you might be allergic to.

If your local grocery store doesn’t carry organic produce, you might find it in a local natural food store, or farmer’s market, especially in the summer time.

If you can’t buy organic, it’s a good idea to peel fruits and vegetables, or use a rinse of some kind, such as OrganiClean. There are other brands, or you can wash with natural ingredients.

But make a good solid portion of your diet good non-starchy vegetables, and there’s almost no limit to the amount of those that you can eat.