Basics Of Grocery Shopping For Your Diet – Part 2 – Meat and Seafood Departments

You should visit the meat and seafood sections of your supermarket regularly.

We all like to eat out, but the best foods are normally those you buy at the market and prepare yourself. That way you can control the ingredients, make sure there’s not a bunch of sugar or starch added, and you can save money as a bonus.

The most important thing in shopping for meat and seafood is to get them as fresh and non-processed as possible. Here are some tips for buying meat and seafood that is grain-free and sugar-free:

It’s better to buy fresh unprocessed poultry and meat than those that have been basted, marinated, cured, smoked or made into sausage, hot dogs, etc.

Now, full disclosure, I do eat my share of cured and sausage-type meats, and in my experience, they are just as effective in weight loss as the unprocessed meats. Still, I do balance that with a lot of fresh meat.

And here’s where moderation is important. Those processed meats contain chemicals and other additives that are not the best for your overall health.

Avoid chicken, turkey or fish that has been breaded, floured, or battered. Those typically contain wheat or corn meal which, as you know, should not be consumed on the No Count Diet.

Buy your fish and seafood fresh, instead of fish sticks, fish cakes, crab cakes, and fish that has been smoked. Get fish that looks good, smells good, and was freshly delivered, or quick-frozen in a fresh state.

There is an ongoing controversy over lean beef vs. fat beef. You can study that subject further, but my opinion is that it doesn’t affect weight loss. And Gary Taubes has demonstrated that the danger of high fat has been shown to be a myth.

The best beef is grass-fed, and if that’s available and in your budget, I would recommend it.

Make a significant portion of your No Count Diet meats and seafood, and you will be glad you did.