Basics of Grocery Shopping For Your Diet – Part 3, The Frozen Foods and Refrigerated Departments

Refrigerated Section

In this department, my highest recommendation goes to eggs.

Eggs provide a great source of protein, and should be one of the most important staples of your No Count Diet.

If you’ve been concerned about the cholesterol content of eggs, some simple studying will show you that eating cholesterol is not the cause of cholesterol in your blood stream, and even cholesterol in your bloodstream is not of the concern that has been pushed on the public for many years.

I would suggest reading Gary Taubes’ book Good Calories, Bad Calories, and check out the sections on cholesterol.

Supermarkets now offer eggs that are Omega-3 enriched. They come from chickens which are fed Omega-3 rich flax meal or fish meal.

Eating Omega-3 enriched eggs is a simple way to increase your consuming Omega-3 fats. Omega-3 fats reduce the inflammation in your body that causes all kinds of problems. It also improves your insulin sensitivity, that process which causes fat storage when you eat certain carbohydrates.

There are many brands of Omega-3 enriched eggs. One of the most popular is Egg-Land’s Best. I also recommend you pick up plenty of butter, cottage cheese, yogurt without sugar, and good cheeses like mozzarella and feta.

It’s best to buy organic dairy foods which have no hormones or additives, but this will not significantly matter as far as weight loss.

Frozen Food Section

Be careful in the frozen food section, because it’s filled with many grain-based processed foods.

Skip the frozen pizza, waffles, TV dinners, and pies. Go to the most healthy group of foods in the freezer — the frozen vegetables. It’s best to pick those vegetables that have no added sauce or seasoning.

Fresh vegetables are the best, usually tasting better and being more nutritious. But frozen vegetables can be more convenient because they last longer and you can cook them at the drop of a hat. Also, frozen vegetables come in amazing combinations that you won’t see in fresh vegetables.

So, get a good selection of frozen vegetables and keep them in your freezer. This helps keep away the temptation to go for the grains when you run out of fresh vegetables, or are just too busy to cut them up.

Quick-frozen shrimp, fish, meats and even unsweetened fruit are other healthy grain-free sugar-free items. As always, make sure and read the ingredients list to make sure they’re not processed and filled with unhealthy additives.

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