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Tips For Grocery Shopping Online

Tips For Grocery Shopping Online

Grocery shopping can be a crazy experience, these days. That’s especially true if you have a large family that wants to run all over the store grabbing this or that. It can also be a real hassle at busy times of day or on weekends.

Another major issue is that some people just can’t get around. What do the elderly or those that don’t drive do to grocery shop? What about those who are sick or injured or those who just don’t want to go out and grocery shop in the dead of winter? Well, the answer is simple, shop online.

Many grocery store chains are now offering online shopping services. You can sit down with your family and add exactly what you want to the online shopping cart. You can even get exclusive sales that only apply to online orders and see your savings added up right there before your eyes.

There are a few things that you should know about online grocery shopping, though. The first is that you should expect that there will be a delivery limit. In other words, you’ll have to buy over a certain dollar amount worth of groceries at ones. Usually that limit is around $30. Keep in mind that there’s no limit at all to how much you can order, only how little.

Next, keep in mind that you will be charged a delivery or handling fee for online orders. That fee helps to cover the cost of someone manually picking out all of your items and packing them, as well as delivery. However, you may also want to tip the delivery person, so you should factor that in, too.

One thing that many people are concerned about is not being able to go to the grocery store and select the exact products that you would want. Packaged products are all basically the same, but picking fruits and vegetables and other organic foods is a special process. You have to decide if you want to rely on someone else to do it for you.

The bottom line is that shopping for groceries online is convenient and easy, but you shouldn’t do it every day, if you want to make the most of it. Instead, you should limit delivery fees by ordering as much as you can in a single batch. That’s a great way to make the most of your online shopping experience.…

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Easy Mental Math: Unleash The Little Einstein While Grocery Shopping!

Easy Mental Math: Unleash The Little Einstein While Grocery Shopping!

The problem is quite simple: you have a bunch of items, most of which are priced below USD 100, and you want to know how much they’re worth all-in-all. In short, you need to do some mental addition. Some people tend to shy away from this because they think is something that would require a Nobel laureate. However, that is absolutely not the case.

Okay, let’s start with simple addition of two-digit numbers. Any two-digit number comes in the form XY, where X is the first digit and Y is the second. Now, suppose we have two 2-digit numbers that we need to add: XY and ST. The trick to this is to add X and S, and then Y and T, and combine the result.

Sounds tricky? Not actually. Here’s a concrete example.

Let’s Get it On!

If a big bag of peanuts costs USD 27 and a pound of high-quality lettuce costs USD 16, then let’s try to get the total amount.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you would do.

1: Problem: 27 + 16

2: Split: (20 + 6) + (10 + 6)

3: Rearrange: (20 + 10) + (7 + 6)

4: Add: (30) + 13

5: Add again: 43. That is, the total amount is USD 43.

If you would have to work on multiple numbers, the process is the same – except that you can choose to add the first two items first, and add the third item to the sum of the first two. Here’s a quick example.

Not Just Two Pieces?

Suppose we also threw in a bottle of mayonnaise worth USD 12 to the bag of peanuts and the lettuce.

We first add the peanuts and lettuce, which gets us USD 43. Hence, we are left with the relatively simple problem of adding 43 and 12.

1: Problem: 43 + 12

2: Split: (40 + 3) + (10 + 2)

3: Rearrange: (40 + 10) + (3 + 2)

4: Add: (50) + 5

5: Add again: 45. That is, the total amount is USD 55.

Note that the decimal places (that is, the “cents” part of the price tag) was not included in this calculation. If we included it then it would be too complicated. However, what you can do to compensate for the inaccuracy is to round the price up to the nearest whole number. For example, if the price of mayonnaise is USD 12.55, then round it up to USD 13.

As you add more and more stuff into your shopping cart, just do the same process over and over. You’ll be surprised that after a little bit of practice (which takes less than 20 minutes), you’ll feel like you’re just one exam short of being a rocket scientist!…

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Another Benefit of Organic Milk – Ultra Pasteurization

Another Benefit of Organic Milk – Ultra Pasteurization

Until I began to drink organic milk exclusively, I had always considered milk one of my most perishable grocery items. That’s not the case any longer, because I buy only organic milk labeled as “ultra-pasteurized” and I never have to throw out bad milk.

If you’ve ever wondered what “ultra-pasteurized” means and why organic milk seems to last so much longer than conventional milk bought in the grocery store, you might be interested to know that the main reason is likely because organic milk is pasteurized at a much higher temperature than conventional milk. The organic variety of milk is processed differently than the regular kind you’ll find in most grocery stores, so it will often last for much longer in your refrigerator, anywhere from one to three months instead of the traditional two to three weeks you’ll get out of a conventional carton of milk.

Milk labeled “ultra-pasteurized” has been treated with the UHT method and most organic milk falls into this category. UHT stands for Ultra-heat Treated and involves raising the temperature of the milk to at least 135 degrees Fahrenheit for a mere one to two seconds, killing off any spores that might be present.

The reason this form of pasteurization is used for organic milk might be because it has had no contact with antibiotics during its production or processing. Therefore, instead of using the lower temperature pasteurization process common in the conventional dairy industry, organic dairy producers often use the UHT process. Of course, there might also be other reasons for using this method, including higher costs leading to lower turnover in the grocery store. Regular milk is less-expensive so most people do still buy non-organic dairy.

What does this ultra-high temp pasteurization mean to us as consumers? It means fewer organisms will survive the pasteurization process giving the milk its longer shelf-life. Unfortunately, it can also sometimes change the taste and smell of the product, but my personal experience says UHT pasteurized organic milk is just as tasty, if not tastier, than the non-organic variety I used to buy at the grocery.

There’s certainly another benefit to us as consumers to drinking organic milk, besides the health benefits related to not drinking something contaminated with traces of antibiotics and growth hormones. It’s the longer shelf-life of the product!…

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Buying More and Paying Less on Your Grocery Bill

Buying More and Paying Less on Your Grocery Bill

Food is a basic need. One cannot go by without groceries. Grocery shopping can really eat up a significant portion of your budget. However large your grocery bill may be, you can still go on buying more and paying less on your grocery bill. Coupons can help you cut a huge chunk out of your grocery bill and practically everything else on your to-buy list.

Some people think that coupon cutting is tacky. In truth, coupon cutting is a highly effective way of slashing your food budget without taking a hit on quantity or quality. Savings can be applied towards debt payments, college fund preparation, vacations or other expenses.

If you’re new to cutting coupons, here are a few tips that can save you a lot of money.

Look for all the coupons you can find. Grab the coupons offered at your favorite grocery, get them from a local newspaper, print out grocery e-coupon codes. There are many resources for coupons. Look for as many as you can. You never know when you might come across a good deal and not have any coupons for it.

The Internet is a wonderful and bountiful resource for coupons. If you can’t find a coupon for a particular product or item that you want, go online. A little Googling can help you find that coupon and more coupons for other purchases not related to groceries. There are a lot of sites that publish a wide variety of coupons. Search for coupons before buying anything.

If you find that you love, love, love a particular product and can’t find a coupon for it, why not ask the manufacturer for one? Call their toll-free number or shoot them an email. Some manufacturers will offer coupons only upon request. It won’t hurt to ask them for a coupon. They might even send you a free sample!

Learn to work the coupon game. You can up the ante by doubling or tripling. It takes a little practice but it can be done. You can get even more value for your money by using coupons and other in-store deals like Buy One Get One Free in tandem. You save more and get more. Who doesn’t want deals like that?

Organize your coupon codes. Sometimes, you miss a great opportunity by not being organized. You can start small and go with a clipboard to organize your coupons. Or, do what many others have done. Buy a coupon organizer. Bring the organizer along with you when you go shopping. You can quickly check if you have any coupons for an item you want to buy. You will also be able to easily track if any of your coupons are near the expiry date or have already expired. Trimming the expired coupons are easier if you have them all neatly organized.

Track pricing. Pricing often change. Keep a record of the unit price of the items you most frequently purchase. Some promotions also offer shoppers what seems to be a great deal until you break it down by unit price. If you know what the usual unit price is, you can avoid these deals and wait for a better one to come along.

Buying more and paying less on your grocery bill is highly possible. It takes a little bit of time, a little bit of effort and a little bit of creativity. Think of the savings you’ll make to spur you along. Make the effort to save on your grocery bill. You’ll be able to eat better and live better.

David Stack offers you a source of all the latest discount codes in the Web today. He runs his own coupon site, where you can find thousands of coupons and promo deals that will help you save the most money possible. Check out .…

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Finding The Absolute Best Business Printing

Finding The Absolute Best Business Printing

Business printing is one of those aspects within your establishment that must be clarified when you are aiming for success. Your ability to reach out and touch people will to some degree be through your informational handouts you have readily available; it is common for people to ask you to mail them more information about your products or services. There are a number of alternatives to this; but tangibility still ranks high on the list of preferred marketing tactics.

The best printing jobs are the ones that do not take a toll on you or your budget. There are a number of reputable establishments who have an honest approach to their business practices; and you should seek them out. One of the most significant signs is an institution that is willing to be patient and informative. These are two of the most important elements when it comes to achieving your desired level of results.

Your time line that you set forth can make a huge difference in the quality and price points of your project. When it comes to your budget for a specific assignment be completely honest about the parameters you must abide by. This is a great way to ensure that you will have future dollars to invest; and help you get the most for that particular amount.

Be clear and decisive when working with your staff and printing representative; as they should not be expected to consume the cost of in – house mistakes made on your part. This level of integrity builds very powerful partnerships that you can utilize to duplicate your greatest endeavors. Having a balanced mindset is an inviting forum that will bring out the best in all of your future collaborative efforts.

Developing your marketing material is something that cannot be rushed and if necessary should be outsourced. A strong leader understands when they might be too emotionally involved with the product or service being offered. Learning how differentiate is crucial. Having just the right touch of this and that will get you a lot further; less in some cases will produce better response rates.

Your carbon foot print is something to give some thoughtful consideration to if you haven’t begun this process already. Businesses that take responsibility for how their practices are affecting the plant are more attractive. Your partners with either love you for it and or become inspired to change how they approach some aspects of their business. It is truly a winning situation and the future generations will be better professionals because of it.

If you finds that you are having difficulty deciding on your best marketing strategy hiring a coach or a mentor for your business is a smart step. They can help you clarify the best point of introduction and how to measure your efforts effectively. Every dollar you place into your business is an investment that should pay off; and this is especially true for your marketing projects.

Business printing when done right can reap great rewards for your establishment. Not only is it a viable source for branding your products or services; it is also a means to build and expand your niche market. Being personable is crucial as people are looking for people and merchandise they can trust. When what you are offering is an opportunity to enhance their lifestyle you will want to ensure that you communicate how your life has been enhanced.…

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Does Snowfall Necessarily Result in Falling Revenue?

Does Snowfall Necessarily Result in Falling Revenue?

With the UK’s roads, rail network and airports all struggling to compete with the persistent ice and snow, this December threatens to be a torrid time for British businesses. Despite the lesson taught by the prolonged cold snap which hit the country in January, it seems that preparations have been somewhat lacking with regard to the transport infrastructure and the chilly white flakes have had more of an impact than they need have. Whilst those countries who are accustomed to snow for a large proportion of the year appear to make us look foolish for our apparent collapse in the face of a few inches of snow- it is important to bear in mind that with the myriad governmental and council cuts, the country just can’t afford to invest in the equipment and labour to facilitate a seamless continuation of transport services when the ice and snow hit.

Supposing that this weather continues, many businesses face a series of problems, most notably high street retailers. Staff absences are likely to increase, whilst retailers will suffer a shortfall in footfall and increasing numbers of businesses will consequently experience plummeting revenue during the historically rich Christmas shopping period. In stark contrast to the potential pitfalls facing high street retailers, online commerce could well experience a noticeable upturn at the expense of their rivals who rely upon physical locations. With many consumers reluctant to brave the elements in order to purchase their Christmas gifts, online shopping is likely to build upon its already growing popularity and pick up the slack from the high street slump. This activity mirrors the year-round shift towards online purchase in areas such as office supplies, books and travel.

Many other businesses who do not operate in the retail sector are also finding ways around the transport problems posed by the current weather. Allowing staff to work from home (provided they can perform their role remotely) is a highly effective means of bypassing the absenteeism issue. Not only does it mean that staff members who would otherwise have been unable to make it into the office are still able to work, having staff work from home is also a great exercise in trust building. Furthermore, studies have demonstrated that those who work from home are often more productive than their office based counterparts as they are able to create the work environment which best suits them, do not waste time commuting and often work extra hours. Through email, Skype and remote desktop function it is as though the remote worker is several desks away as opposed to many miles.

Although the snow may be wreaking havoc on commuters right now, if the business landscape changes to embrace the growth in online activity and the opportunities presented by allowing staff to work from home, then maybe next time there will be fewer commuters to affect.…

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Feeding a Family on a Very Low Budget – How and Where Can I Cut Back?

Feeding a Family on a Very Low Budget – How and Where Can I Cut Back?

Feeding a family on a very low budget is always a challenge. The trick is having a plan ahead of time and sticking with it.

If you are unorganized you will inevitably end up spending more money on groceries than you should. There are all kinds of high tech ways to help with that process these days. It’s amazing how much the internet and technology has made this so much simpler!

The moral of the story is this: be prepared ahead of time. It pays off in the long run!

It’s very common for the average family to save up to 50% by following this one simple rule. Prepare your menus ahead of time and buy only what you need. Buying on impulse is your worst enemy!

Another great saving money grocery shopping tip is to keep track of how much you actually do spend at the grocery store. It’s pretty tough to save money when you don’t know how much you are spending! Once again, there are some really great tools that make the process so much simpler these days.

I don’t know about you but receipts and paper have a tendency of getting lost around our house. If I have a system that helps me keep track of things when I get home from the store it sure helps.

Try and find generic and “house brands” with the things you have on your list. Name brands on things such as green beans, corn and house hold cleaning items are pretty meaningless. If you prepare your food the right way none of your family members will know the difference anyway. Will your toilet be any cleaner after using a name brand product? I seriously doubt it.

Always eat before going to the grocery store. It’s been proven that the average person spends an additional 15% on groceries if they don’t follow this rule.

Never go to the grocery store when you are tired. When you feeling this way you are naturally inclined to throw things in your shopping cart like chocolate bars, junk food and cookies.

Knowing how to save money at the grocery store begins with proper planning. If you can find a way to make that easier you will inevitably spend less money on your food bill.…