Chiang Mai Supermarkets Have It All

There are plenty of Chiang Mai supermarkets to serve the tastes of the international guests along with the local residents. From the typical community supermarkets to massive superstores, there is an eclectic diversity of goods and services. Grocery shopping in Chiang Mai can satisfy the creative whims of any cook.

Tops is the most widely known indigenous supermarket chain in Thailand. They have a few hundred branches throughout the country. There are two Tops Chiang Mai supermarkets. One can be found on the basement level of the Airport Plaza Mall. Similarly, there is another in the basement of the Kad Saun Kaew Mall (called Central by the locals).

Shopping at Tops is made easier with signs that are duplicated with an English translation. The products are of the highest quality and there is a vast array of imported food items to choose from. The employees are well trained to give unsurpassed customer service. Tops offers the convenience of online shopping and delivery service.

Tesco is an enormous supermarket chain that has teamed up with Thailand’s own Lotus to establish a solid presence. Two hypermarkets (superstores) in Chiang Mai are the central point of shopping plazas that contain specialty shops, fast food offerings and family dining establishments. The setup and atmosphere is similar to any American supermarket shopping complex with expansive parking lots and a heavy volume of consumers.

Both hypermarkets, Tesco Lotus Kamtiang and Tesco Lotus Hangdong, offer household goods, clothing, sporting supplies and more. They can be compared to WalMart superstores. Tesco Lotus is also branching out with express markets situated at fuel (petrol) stations. For any tourists who miss the option of picking up a few items at a convenience store, these shops will fill the gap.

Chiang Mai supermarkets include Rim Ping, a local supermarket group with four Chiang Mai locations. This particular chain is known for the finest selection of very fresh produce, international foods and deli items. Rim Ping also has a reputation for carrying food items that are difficult to locate elsewhere.

Every Rim Ping supermarket has a butchering service. Meats can be custom cut to the customer’s specifications. There are local and imported meats. They offer free, convenient delivery of groceries. There is a shopping rewards incentive program available for the locals.

Carfour, a supermarket chain rooted in France, is close enough to the city of Chiang Mai to be considered as a local shopping option. It can be found on the Superhighway on the northern outskirts of the city. It’s a huge superstore that sells major appliances, garden supplies and books, as well as groceries. Carfour is known for fresh seafood and convenient, fully-cooked meals that are ready to serve.

There are so many options available for grocery shopping. For the tourist who is renting accommodations with cooking facilities, it’s hard to beat the convenience of internet ordering and personal delivery to the door. Although, it can be a wonderful adventure to visit some supermarkets to take in the presentations and aromas of the foods that are available. You never know what you’ll find. Chiang Mai supermarkets have it all.