Dieting Starts at the Supermarket

Where does your diet start? The decision to diet is a necessary choice but now comes choices that will affect how well you will do on a diet. The diet starts when you clean out your pantry of foods that you know will help you gain weight. You need to get rid of the chips, cookies, cakes, ice cream and all the foods that you do not need to eat.

Which ever diet that you have chosen you need to plan your meals. Initially you must sit down and use a paper and a pencil and plan the meals. You have to write them out with your diet in hand and plan each and every meal and then plan your trip to the market. This is easy if you are shopping for one but if you have a family you need to get their help and support.

Initially when you sit down with the family or spouse you need to explain that until you build good solid eating habits all the foods that are forbidden will be forbidden from the house. Eventually as you are losing weight and building good eating habits this step can be relaxed. Do not add to the temptations and feed the bad habits.

Plan your trip to the market and only buy the foods on the list do not waver as to what you are getting. Do not go to the aisles that have all the forbidden foods and make sure you read the labels.

After you have made out your list sit down and have a meal. Eat a good well balanced meal and drink plenty of water before you go to the store. Never go to the store to buy food on an empty stomach. With a full stomach you are more likely to resist the urge to buy foods that are already processed and are unhealthy.

Be aware of how the stores are set up. Did you ever wonder why produce is at one end of the store and dairy products at the other end. The majority of people will usually buy produce and dairy on each and every visit. By placing these aisle opposite of each other it forces you to walk the entire store. Also your meat dept is usually in the back of the store for the same reason it forces you to walk through an aisle full of different foods you may not need but would like to have.

Shopping starts the process of dieting. If you have all your goals and your diet ready to go but do not have the food necessary to diet and lose weight you will have a problem losing weight. Take the time to plan your meals and your shopping trips and only buy what is on the list. If you find that you cannot do this send someone else to do the buying or possibly take someone along with you to act as a conscious. Start out with the planning and get in the habit of buying along with eating good and wholesome food.