Feeding a Family on a Very Low Budget – How and Where Can I Cut Back?

Feeding a family on a very low budget is always a challenge. The trick is having a plan ahead of time and sticking with it.

If you are unorganized you will inevitably end up spending more money on groceries than you should. There are all kinds of high tech ways to help with that process these days. It’s amazing how much the internet and technology has made this so much simpler!

The moral of the story is this: be prepared ahead of time. It pays off in the long run!

It’s very common for the average family to save up to 50% by following this one simple rule. Prepare your menus ahead of time and buy only what you need. Buying on impulse is your worst enemy!

Another great saving money grocery shopping tip is to keep track of how much you actually do spend at the grocery store. It’s pretty tough to save money when you don’t know how much you are spending! Once again, there are some really great tools that make the process so much simpler these days.

I don’t know about you but receipts and paper have a tendency of getting lost around our house. If I have a system that helps me keep track of things when I get home from the store it sure helps.

Try and find generic and “house brands” with the things you have on your list. Name brands on things such as green beans, corn and house hold cleaning items are pretty meaningless. If you prepare your food the right way none of your family members will know the difference anyway. Will your toilet be any cleaner after using a name brand product? I seriously doubt it.

Always eat before going to the grocery store. It’s been proven that the average person spends an additional 15% on groceries if they don’t follow this rule.

Never go to the grocery store when you are tired. When you feeling this way you are naturally inclined to throw things in your shopping cart like chocolate bars, junk food and cookies.

Knowing how to save money at the grocery store begins with proper planning. If you can find a way to make that easier you will inevitably spend less money on your food bill.