For Savvier Supermarket Shopping

For most working moms, the first task they would do after receiving their paycheck or salary is to do some grocery shopping in a supermarket. Some moms find it good to shop in this place because of cleanliness in the establishment itself (less dust and some are air-conditioned) and the items being sold (like packed and sealed meats, vegetables and fruits. The stocks of goods in a supermarket is better than smaller shops or markets and you can even find some rare ingredients and merchandise to your liking. Supermarkets also have promotional offers and discounts which are favorable to budgeting shoppers. However, a trip to a supermarket sometimes turns to be an unpleasant one because instead of sticking to your budget, you end up spending more.

Little do we know that supermarkets play a little trick on unaware shoppers to increase their sale by applications of some Psychological concepts. In order to stick to your budget and buy only what is essential, keep away from brightly colored goods on the aisles(they are meant to attract you to buy them, cleverly placed products (like candy bars at the counter which your kids plead you to buy for them; or more expensive products placed at an eye level so you would likely grab and buy), buy-one-get-one items (that you don’t really need to buy but you are lured to purchase because of the promo). Purchase only the buy-one-take-one packages if you only have a need for them.

The phrase ‘shopping list’ is not just an addition to your vocabulary, rather it is a helpful tool to make your supermarket shopping a savvy practical one. Not only will this list prevent you from forgetting what to buy, but if you will purchase only what are written on your list, then it will enable you to stick to your set budget. To come up with a more comprehensive shopping list, it is better if you could already plan the meals ahead. Look through the cupboards and identify which supply has run out. And before you go out on your shopping, make sure to have eaten a snack or a meal to avoid any food impulse buying.

If you really can’t help yourself from getting attracted to these promotions and discounted products in the supermarket, there is another way by which you can prevent yourself from unnecessary and additional buying. If you have a computer at home with a readily available access to the internet, you may try to browse through some online supermarkets that delivers your ordered right at your front door. With this alternative supermarket shopping option, you may reduce your chances of being tempted to buy a product that would not look as good in the computer screen. However, there are also disadvantages to an online shopping. First is that you may find it time-consuming, second is that you will not be able to inspect first-hand the quality of fresh products like fruits and vegetable.

You might also want to try shopping for grocery items at a local market or store. Prices of commodities from local shops are actually much cheaper compared to supermarket prices, plus products are more fresher. You just have to bear with a humid and hot atmosphere.