Going To The Grocery Store For A Date!

Have you ever gone to the grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner after work? Was this experience fun or was it a chore that you just wanted to get out of the way? You are already tired, frustrated from traffic and just want to go home. Well I’m here to show you a simple way you can spend some quality time with your significant other AND get a task done that is not usually fun (for men) to do by yourself and that is going to get groceries at your local grocery store.

Grocery Shopping Sucks!

Going to the grocery store can be a heavy task by yourself (this is usually the case with me) because it is usually right after work. You are tired from the commute, tired from work, and you generally just want to go home and put your feet up for a few hours to relax. I don’t know a man out there who is overly enthused about going grocery shopping. I heard a pastor once say when his wife became ill he had to take on the task of going to the grocery store. He said the only way he was able to do this was to visit the store on Saturday night when the store was empty and he had ample time to concentrate. Furthermore, those times when I stop at a store that is not my usual and I am not familiar with the isles, you may as well shoot me before I even go in. I literally become this growling animal through the isle’s looking for items I need and just when you think you’ve finally found the isle that has your item you come to the realization that it is not there. It is truly frustrating.

A Date At The Grocery Store

Now there may have guys out there who disagree with me. Such as the man who just watched an episode of Rachel Ray who is preparing to impress a new lady friend and thinks he can prepare the meal just like the one he saw on TV the day before. The only time I look forward to going to the grocery store is when my wife and I make it like a date to get away from the kids. We usually find a grocery store (Wegmans) that has a nice hot food bar and a quiet place to sit to relax and chat while we eat. I’m not promoting Wegmans (which is my favorite grocery store by the way), but some of them even have live music. This makes for a great experience going to the store. Their prices are pretty good too.

A Positive Attitude

While there are many things about grocery shopping that we can find unpleasant, what I have learned is that the experience can be good or bad depending on our perspective and attitude about the situation. It can be like going into war against items that are playing hide and go seek or it can also be a pleasurable experience by going with someone you love and enjoy being around. Nevertheless, whether you are a guy who has a significant other or not, do what I do. Try to go with a positive attitude of gratitude. Consider that people in this world (maybe in your own neighborhood) do not always have the privilege of going when they want to go or even cannot go at all. All I am trying to say is, be grateful and have a good time while doing it.