Grocery Budgets – How to Spend Less on Groceries

Grocery shopping is something that enters the life of an everyday Mom on a constant basis! When we are not shopping for the household we are thinking about shopping for the household! Many peoples finances have become strained in the past few years with economic turmoil hitting the globe. Many households have had to become a little more frugal with their disposable income as things have got so tight!

It is really important if you are trying to operate on a budget but still want value and quality for your kids that you need to plan ahead! By planning ahead you will find that you can budget and still have time to enjoy family meals on less. In other words you need to get more bang for your buck!

You need to plan ahead right? Well you should make a meal planner for the week, making sure that you buy only the ingredients that you need! Then you will only buy necessities thus cutting down your bill. I have found that by writing a list before I go shopping I have cut down on my final weekly bill. This is great and allows my family and I to have a little more cash for weekends so we can do things.

Coupons and Grocery store clubs are a great way to save money on your grocery bill. If you are really clever you will divide these coupons into categories collecting them as you go and once you have this done you can use the appropriate ones for each trip to the shops! Just make sure they are all in date! It’s a good idea to sign up for Grocery Store club points if applicable to where you shop. This way you will get points for every penny you spend.

Feed and Freeze

Feed and Freeze is an expression we like to use in my house a lot! If you buy just over on a recipe or a dish you can freeze what is leftover, then you will have the option of being able to use those leftovers at the end of the week, it’s also a good way to give you a night off from the cooking.

Making a List and checking it twice; As time goes on you will get better at making lists of what you really need as oppose to what you think you need. This takes a few weeks practice but once you have mastered the list, you will find that you really will save on the final bill.

Buy some things in bulk on a monthly basis, especially nappies, bleach and other cleaning products! They don’t go off and they are a necessity. If you see deals for nappies in bulk, buy them unless you are coming to the end of that era in your life!

As I said most of us Moms spend our time either shopping or thinking about the shopping, but with a little planning you will be able to cut out the thinking and free up a bit of time for you and your family while saving at the same time.