How to Save Money While Grocery Shopping

Saving money every time you grocery shop does not have to be difficult. It can take up a lot of time and money and become very stressful. So to make it a more pleasant and money-saving experience, we may need to change our shopping habits. Here is a list of what you should and shouldn’t do when you go grocery shopping:


Never go to the store hungry.

Don’t fall for all “Sale” prices, know the prices of items to make sure it is a deal.

Do not forget your grocery list to avoid unnecessary purchases.

Do not buy impulsively.

Do not take your family with you, they tend to add extras to the cart.

Do not go out of your way when purchasing an item on sale, unless it is a great deal, you will spend more gas and time.

Do not buy the smaller boxes of items, the money-saving is in purchasing the larger size.

Do not buy brand name items, as long as it is made in the USA for quality, brand name items you actually pay for the name.

Do not forget your coupons, and your club card.


Buy items in bulk, especially if you use a lot of certain items.

Try to buy the biggest box of cereal and keep it in a sealed container or bag for freshness, just make sure you the calculations are correct, you don’t always get more for your money.

Look for items that are in season, you can freeze a lot of items and save for when the season is over.

Calculate your items as you shop, so you stay within your budget.

Prepare a list, and cook what is on the list for that week.

Avoid buying too much meat, you can save more purchasing fruits and vegetables, plus they are more healthy.

You can make big meals and freeze the leftovers to avoid wasting food.

Lastly, check your receipts, make sure you were not overcharged on any item, and you receive correct change.

If you want to save more, take the extra money you saved from every shopping trip and put it away in a jar and save it for major sales, Christmas, a special trip, or an emergency. If you shop smart you can save yourself money, time and stress, and when you open up your cabinets or refrigerator and see it full and you still have money in your jar, you will feel such a sense of relief, so go ahead and enjoy your shopping and your saving.

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