How to Tie a Scarf-Shawl – 4 Ways to Elegance!

Posted byLucille Wood Posted onMay 12, 2023 Comments0

How to Tie a Scarf-Shawl – 4 Ways to Elegance!

Shawls are great fashion accessory to further extend one’s personality. Shawls can be very versatile in the way you dress; it just depends on how you use them. They can be worn during casual or formal events and can be used from summer up to winter. There are different ways to tie a shawl and all of them have their own respective looks to them. Here are a few tips on how to tie a shawl to make you feel beautiful and elegant in an instant.

1. Shawl as a Scarf: How to tie a shawl into a scarf can be answered in various ways. A basic way would be the Poncho-style tie. The first step would be to fold the shawl into a triangle. Then wrap the scarf around your neck and tie it loosely in front. To avoid the scarf from untying itself, you can tie up the loose ends with a brooch.

2. Another way to tie a shawl: Into a scarf would be to fold it like a rectangle, the long way, placing the middle of the scarf at the front of your neck and let the ends hang loose over your shoulder. Or if you prefer another you style do the same fold but instead of letting ends hang loose, wrap them around your neck and tie them in the front.

3. To achieve a collar-like effect: When you’re wearing a jacket or a sweater you can use a shawl that isn’t to bulky or long and tie the scarf around your neck and tuck the ends into the jacket/sweater. For a well-known look in Europe called the Ascot-style tie, fold the scarf in half the long way. Tie the scarf around your neck with the folded side on one side while the loose ends on the other end. Slide the loose ends through the loop and front then let the ends hang loose.

4. For the Upscale Tie: Drape the shawl over your shoulder. The upper back and shoulders should be fully covered. Wrap the shawl ends around your upper arms. Then to get that elegant look that will keep you warm, bring the shawl ends behind your back and knot them loosely.

These are just some of the tips on how to tie a shawl. Do not feel obliged to follow these rules after all they are just tips. Feel free to mix up styles and colors with your shawl. Fashion is all about making you feel more confident about yourself, adding a little accessory is just an addition of it.