Lose More Weight Grocery Shopping Then Visiting the Gym

Posted byLucille Wood Posted onMarch 30, 2023 Comments0

Lose More Weight Grocery Shopping Then Visiting the Gym

Believe it or not the local supermarket is the key to your fitness and overall health. Why? Well first of all you can do all the aerobics and weight training you want but if you aren’t eating right all that hard work is kind of counterproductive.

Most of us look at grocery shopping as a chore. We make quick runs in and out to get what we need. The last thing we want to do is spend two hours after a long day at work at the grocery store.

Research in Australia showed that individuals who made a shopping list before heading to the market tended to eat more fruits and vegetables and more foods that lean toward the healthy side.

Step one: make a shopping list. Step two: learn your grocery store. Surprisingly foods are displayed strategically in the store thanks to the big time food conglomerates.

Try to work the outside and edges of your supermarket, that is where you will find the healthiest products. Think about it. What tends to be on the outskirts of the store: dairy, produce, meat and seafood. Those are the foods that are fresh and not packaged.

Slip down an inner aisle and what do you see: all prepackaged foods. Not all bad but the majority of the packaged foods have been processed and filled with sodium and lots of other preservatives.

Also, when you are in the inside aisles keep a look out at how and where the products are placed. Big time name products, candy and kid-appealing products tend to be at eye level. They grab your attention. The healthier foods such as the organic granola that many shy away from is found on the top or bottom levels.

When shopping you also want to know the health food lingo. This is what gets a lot of people. Here they think they are eating healthy when in fact they have been fooled and mislead by food manufactures and marketers. For example people make this mistake all the time: multigrain vs. whole grain.

People buy multigrain thinking they are being health conscious but as it turns out multigrain simply means that more than one type of grain was used. Taking it a step further, it’s entirely possible that more grains went into the product after they were refined and stripped of all nutritional value. Whole grain on the other hand means the entire grain kernel has been used to make the product. Simply put the product is still loaded with the much needed and wanted nutrients.

If you’re one who loves to read labels then remember this one tip and you’ll be good: fewer ingredients equals healthier food.

Grocery shopping doesn’t have to be a tedious, headache-producing chore. Just go in with a plan, a list and you’re good to go. On your mark, get set, grab your shopping cart and go.