Nike Dunk Low Premium Notebook

The Nike Dunk Low Premium Notebook is one of the Nike dunk products classified as ‘low’ in reference to their height. Other Nike Dunk ‘Low’ products include the likes of the classic Nike Premium SB, the Nike Low Premium SB Trickstar BMX, the Nike Dunk Low Pro SB Jordan and the Nike Dunk Low Premium SB Abyss. Of these, it is the Nike Premium Notebook that I have gotten to personally use. And in the relatively short period of time that I have had the opportunity to use the Nike Dunk Low Premium Notebook, I have gotten thoroughly enchanted with it.

The Nike Premium Notebook is a low book in the real sense of the word; a shoe that is almost flat from the front to the back, with only the shoe’s tongue (which has an elevation) being the only hindrance to this almost perfect flatness. Of course, it is the raised ‘tongue’ that qualifies the shoe to be considered a Nike Dunk.

Another notable thing about the Nike Premium is that it is an un-apologetically colorful shoe. Granted, only the black and white colors are primarily employed on the Nike Dunk Low Premium Notebook, but it is the way they come out at the different parts on the shoe that makes the scheme remarkable.

Nike Notebook has one of the thinnest soles in the Nike Dunk family. Of course, the thinness of the sole on the Nike Low Premium Notebook is accentuated by the fact that the sole comes in two regions (separated by color); namely the bottom region which is white (and whose portions emerge at various lower parts of the shoe all the way round, and the upper region, which is painted black, but which has some quite exquisite white thread work all way round.

To complete the notebook look, of course, the Nike Premium Notebook comes with a patch towards the center, which is made of white material on which bluish lines/stripes are semi-horizontally drawn, to make it indeed look like a notebook page.

The lower front section of the Nike Notebook is primarily colored black, with white ‘speckles’ of various shape orientations at various positions to complete the ‘colorful’ look.

For a tying mechanism, Nike makes use of a thread to put the shoe together; and in this regard, the shoe comes with at least 8 pairs of shoe thread holes, though of course you have the option of leaving some of the shoe-lace holes untied.

For ventilation purposes, the Nike Premium Notebook comes with a section made of ventilation holes near the front of it on the section just below the ‘Notebook’s’ tongue.

The Nike ‘Tick’ on the Nike Low Premium Notebook is, of course (and in keeping with Nike’s modern tradition) quite elongated, starting as it does on the ‘notebook’ section of white patch and semi-horizontal blue, and going all the way to the back of the shoe to emerge and terminate on the other side. The tick, in this case, is of black color.