Nike Dunks – Constant Evolution For the Better

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Nike Dunks – Constant Evolution For the Better

Nike Dunks are another brand of sneakers which Nike introduced and it became highly popular. Some other trainers like Nike Max 95, Nike Max 97 and Nike Max 90 are also well-known. In the year 1985, this brand of shoes was introduced. They came in different styles and colors. These sneakers and shoes gained popularity amongst the university basketball players and college children.

Nike Dunks evolved after going through many stages. Previously, they were known only as basketball shoes. Later, they catered to the fashion industry and made a fashion statement in the fashion and designer world. Even though they gained popularity as a fashion accessory, the designs of these shoes made it amply clear that they were best suited only for basketball games of high intensity. The characteristic of these shoes were that the soul of these shoes was not only wider, but also nearer to the ground. This automatically reduced the weight of these shoes and which helped in accelerated performance of the players. The paneling structure was redesigned in such a manner that it proved to be highly effective in both pivoting and blocking.

The Nike Dunks were specifically introduced in different attractive colors which matched the uniforms of the basketball team. Nike took up the job of sponsoring the average basketball teams. They redesigned the new shoe line and made these modifications. It caught the attention of the public and there was growing demand and popularity for these type of shoes.

Both the varieties of Air Max 90s and 95s were manufactured in bulk due to its increasing demand. Both these varieties of shoes were produced in huge quantities as compared to the Air Jordans. The above mentioned varieties were specially designed keeping the fashion trends and styles in mind. Fashion conscious shoppers go in for these stylish shoes. They can be purchased by placing an order online. You could visit the shop online and place your order and it would be delivered at your doorstep. If you are one of those online buyers, you need to keep your eyes wide open for any auctions, where you would get heavy discounts. These shoes can be purchased at a good discount. The auction site also states the prices of the highest and lowest bid for these shoes. Some shoes have been sold at even $ 1000 which has been the highest rate uptill now.

When placing the order for these shoes and sneakers, you need to select on the color, design and style and also mention the shoe size. Once you pay the money online, the shoes are delivered at your doorstep within the time frame mentioned.