Online Grocery Shopping Advantages

Online grocery shopping – Your wisest choice today? If you are thinking to order groceries online, then this article exposes the real advantages. Shopping online for food is an enormous godsend to lessening the pressure of our frenetic pace of current life.

I am a baby boomer and the rapid changes during my history are stunning. I remember when I was small in the 1950’s, the milkman arriving at our door with big, glass bottles of fresh milk sealed with paper caps, and ice cold, sweaty blocks of butter. And I remember our grocery delivery boy, and my mother tipping him a dime.

But life picked up pace, and those services departed. Grocery shopping became a twice a week laborious task for my mother, and when I was old enough to drive, she happily gave me her list and I did the undertaking myself. There was no online anything yet.

When my children were small, grocery shopping was a dreaded must, eating time and gasoline, while enduring traffic, South Texas heat, a cart full of frustrated kids crying for sweets, and long lines of exhausted people. I finally settled on grocery shopping at 5 AM as the easiest way, before I got kids to school and myself to work. Back in the early 80’s the miracle of the internet had not yet arrived.

Imagine the relief of a harassed working parent who merely sits down at their computer to order food online, for only a nominal fee for delivery. Wow! What a windfall that would have been to me! But now this is a reality. Everybody can do online grocery shopping.

Then there was that difficult time when I broke my leg. I had to call on on friends to do my shopping for me the weeks I was laid up. It was a pressure on all of us, and awkward for me. How wonderful for anyone who cannot get out, to have the self-determination that online grocery shopping now can provide!

What about elder folks? A most heartbreaking aspect of growing older can be loss of self-sufficiency. Groceries delivery to their home allows the elderly to keep up an ability to provide their needs on their own. And some online grocery shopping services provide telephone ordering for those who desire not to order online. Just the thing for anyone who would rather not use the internet!

Online Grocery Shopping Advantages:

1. Online grocery stores’ prices are very competitive.

2. Some services even ship perishables:




frozen foods

3. Time and gasoline saved

4. No more tired feet shuffling through a frozen or scorching parking lot to the car to stow 6 sacks of groceries

5. No more recurring trips back and forth from the garage to the kitchen

6. No more bus or taxi fares, while carrying too many bags by yourself

7. Independence for: the elderly, the housebound, those laid up with the flu, times of transportation troubles

8. Some services give cash back and Walmart cards for shopping through them.

Online grocery shopping is a practice whose time has come. People are working longer and harder, having decreasing free time for themselves or their families.