Q Flight Jordan Shoes For Basketball

The Nike Hyperfuse technology sure does get around. The newest in innovative Nike technology has been making its rounds on the sneaker scene. It is the most popular Nike technology. Everyone want’s to have it’s picture taken with it. The paparazzi will not leave it alone. If you are not running with Hyperfuse and it’s crew, you are a nobody. You are so yesterday. No VIP status for you at the club.

This hip new Nike Hyperfuse technology has recently teamed up with the coolest cat in town, the Air Jordan. When you hang with the legend that is Michael Jordan, you know you have hit the big time. And the Air Jordan Q Flight is definitely the big time. Blending Hyperfuse technology with the high performance of the Jordan 2011, the Q Flight is perhaps the lightest, most stable shoe that maximizes both breathability and durability. This shoe truly has it all.

Why is this Hyperfuse technology so cool? Well, Hyperfuse is a composite, or blend, of three materials (synthetic material as a supportive base layer, mesh for lightweight breathability, and TPU film as a top skin) pressed together with hotmelt. Three different layers of materials are combined to form an unbelievably strong bond. As a result, the aesthetic that is created on the shoe’s upper is quite pleasing to the eye. Hence, it’s new found popularity among the “cool crowd”. It doesn’t hurt that Hyperfuse allows for a lightweight basketball shoe that offers maximum breathability. The mesh that is used as part of the Hyperfuse technology creates airflow and the heat that typically builds up during play is allowed to escape and keep the foot cool. As cool as the Hyperfuse is in the circle it runs in.

Nike designers Shane Kohatsu and Fred Dojan are responsible for creating this bright new superstar that is Hyperfuse technology. These two shoe wizards used the three aforementioned materials to make a composite that would be durable enough for playing ball on the blacktop, but also perform at a high level on the hardcourt. Nike Hyperfuse technology combined with the revolutionary high performance standards that the Jordan 2011 was made with, has produced the Q Flight.

The Jordan Q Flight has released in several stunning colorways. All have been the talk of the town. Most recently a “Year of the Rabbit” colorway dropped followed by a “Cool Grey” colorway. When you are as cool as this shoe and constantly in the spotlight, it is a must that you wear a different ensemble for the paparazzi to photograph you in. You can definitely add another celebrity to the already star-studded class that makes up the group of Jordan shoes for basketball.