Save Money on Groceries

Prices for just about everything have increased lately making it harder to get more for your hard-earned dollar. Grocery shopping is something that thou pricey, can’t be avoided. By following some of the tips below, you’ll be ready to go to the store with a smart plan of attack. It’s never been this easy to save money on grocery shopping before.

1) Eat before going to the store.

Having an empty stomach will cause cravings for foods that are unneeded.

2) Shop alone.

Don’t drag children along if they can stay at home. The more people asking for treats, the higher your bill is going to be.

3) Before going to the store, evaluate what you have on hand. Make a menu for the week that will utilize what you still have and minimize what needs to be purchased.

4) Avoid bottled water. Invest in a filtered pitcher that can be kept in the refrigerator. This will save money on grocery bills and is good for the environment as there are no plastic bottles piling up.

5) Stay away from “portion controlled” products. It will save money to buy the same type of food and portion it out at home.

6) Same goes with convenience foods. Take the time to prepare food yourself and it cuts the price almost in half.

7) Go for generic brands. Most of the time, foods that are under the store brand will be significantly cheaper than name brand version yet taste just as great.

8) Track prices on items you buy often. Just because the store puts something on sale doesn’t mean it actually is a good deal. Watch what the price has been lately and what the sale price is, it can be a good indicator on if it’s worth purchasing or waiting on.

9) If items like milk, eggs, and butter are on sale, purchase enough to use some and freeze the rest. This extends their life and you don’t have to buy more when they’re at a higher price.

10) Check the entire shelf for the item you’re wanting. What is put at “eye level” may be more costly than what you’re looking for.

11) Using only cash will save money on grocery shopping. It keeps you in budget and won’t let you overspend.

Clip coupons and save them to use when the item goes on sale.