Staying Organized While Grocery Shopping

One of the best pieces of grocery shopping advice that you’ll ever hear is keep things organized. You might think that organization means going in with a grocery list, but there’s a lot more to it than that.

It all starts with home organization. You need to keep your fridge, freezer, pantry and other food storage areas organized. If you don’t, you’ll never know what you’re running low on. There’s a big difference between intentionally stocking up on peanut butter, for instance, and finding a jar of it in the back of your food cabinet that you forgot that you bought weeks or months ago.

Another part of home organization is planning meals. You should plan the weekly meals around the grocery store sales. If you use items in your meals that you either already have or plan to buy when they’re on sale, you’ll save a lot of money in the long run.

Finally, another part of organization is learning to shop smart and do as much prep as you can at home. For example, let’s say that you plan to cook chicken breasts one night of the week. Well, chicken breasts are often more expensive than just buying whole chickens.

If you’re willing to carve up your chicken at home and freeze the dark meat for a later meal, you can save tons of money. In fact, the meat department in general is a place where you can shave tons of money off your grocery spending, if you know what you’re doing.