The Most Valuable Appliance in the Kitchen for Cooking Any Meat

The most powerful tool in the kitchen today for families who want to maximize their grocery dollar while cooking fast and easy is the slow cooker. This is simply one kitchen appliance most people receive at Christmas time as a gift and return before the new year or stick it deep in the storage closet in the garage.

When used properly, the appliance can turn out amazing food with hardly any work at all. The time it takes to prepare a meal is usually less than the time you wait ordering at a fast food restaurant during any busy meal time.

At least once a week I use my slow cooker to cook some sort of meat that will end up being soft, tender and flavorful. When I go grocery shopping I look for some of the toughest and cheapest meats I can find because it makes no difference once they are in the slow cooker.

My routine before I go to work in the morning is to put the meat in my slow cooker with mixed frozen veggies, baby carrots, celery and onion. I then pour in enough water to cover the meat and turn on low and go to work. The low temperature and slow cooking process breaks down all the toughness of the meat. The vegetables add flavor that is the foundation in most soups. Another great feature about the cooker is it uses very little electricity and will not heat up your home while it slowly cooks your dinner.

If meal planning, grocery shopping budget and making nutritious meals with minimal amount of effort and time are all concerns for you, then the slow cooker can become the most valuable tool in your kitchen to help you feed your family on a budget.