Using Grocery Coupons Will Save You Over 2K This Year If You Know the Tricks of the Trade

Can you believe that using a few grocery coupons every week can make saving over two thousand dollars this year alone the reality? Most would scoff at this high number, but I can tell you that I have been quietly saving this much money year in and year out for over ten years now. Really, I am totally serious. Here is the best part. You do not need money to save money. I have the system down to a science after so much practice.

What does it take to save this much money every week? It is easy to do really. All you need is a little self control, a lot of coupons and your local grocery ad. That is it, nothing else is necessary.

Here is how you can start saving over two thousand dollars a year on food:

Get your store grocery ad. Only buy what is on sale and save a whopping 30-50% without ever clipping a coupon.

Write your shopping list. Again only select items that are on sale, avoid everything else. Here is where the self control comes in, never buy anything that is not on your list.

Search online for printable grocery coupons. Every item on your list should have a grocery coupon with it. Just search for “printable grocery coupons for whatever” and you will find a coupon somewhere for that item.

Take your grocery coupons and shopping list and go shopping. Ideally, you have a double coupon store available to you. If not, use the cheapest store in town for your research and shopping.