What is the Cost Per Unit?

Normally I do my grocery shopping on weekdays. I need the quiet in order to concentrate. Concentrate on what, you’re asking?

My confession: I am a price per unit sale shopper. Before you start whining about your horrendous math skills and how you never did get long division, let me help me you.

In Publix, as in most grocery stores, the price per unit is included on the small white sticker on display below the price of the item. In the upper left of this sticker, the unit price is displayed. Put your reading glasses on- it’s there, trust me. The cost per unit definition is the price divided by the number of units included.

Admittedly, this preoccupation with getting the best deal at the grocery store seems to go up as I get older. Unsure if this should be listed on the positive side or on the negative side, next to other 0bssessive behaviors. I get this yearning from my Daddy.

If you asked Daddy to pick up some hamburger buns for dinner, he would delight in his mission. Later, he would walk in the kitchen with a package of 64 hamburger buns. With us standing there in a bun-stupor, Daddy would tell us about the helluva deal he had gotten on them.

I am very careful not to fall into that quantity is cheaper trap. Quantity may not be the cheapest if you have to eat hamburgers once a week for 4 months.

For most items, all is fair- vendors give me your best shot. I’ll check your price per unit. If yours comes up low man on the totem pole, we’ve got a deal.

For the products that are on the A list, I will select the cheapest of quantities packaged. In other words, whatever package of Viva has the lowest price per unit, I buy. This explains why you may see me climbing up shelves to get the eight-pak of Viva. I will move/do whatever is necessary to get the best price on my essential items.

Cuz I know it’s killing you to know what’s on my A list- here are a few

Viva Paper Towel,

Northern XSoft Toilet Paper,

Kashi Chewy Granola Honey Flax Almond Bars

Diet Coke.


Do not try to fool me with Bounty or heaven help you, Diet Pepsi. I drink the real thing.

I am the type of customer companies dream about. I will go out of my way to tell you why you should buy Viva paper towels. No, I cannot explain why I have not been in a commercial.

I must admit I have a difficult time at the grocery store. I find it much easier to spend $150 at Talbots than buy a pineapple for $4.99 or spend $3.89 for a box of Kashi bars.

Mommy is the culprit here. Among the many words of wisdom she passed on to my little sister and me is not to nickel and dime yourself to death. Consequently, if the item costs less than $20, not only do I have this inner struggle going on, I see Mommy rolling quarters.

I am not allowed to select items when I go grocery shopping with LT.

Go figure?