Why You Should Take a Note Pad for Ideas When You Go Grocery Shopping

Not everyone likes to go grocery shopping, but I guarantee you if you do, that it is good for your brain. Now that I have your attention, let me explain. You see, the human brain is set up to remember where food is, and this is true for all primates, as studies have shown. The research is conclusive, chimpanzees memory about where food is stored, is actually better than that of humans.

Now then, why do you suppose that is? It is because chimpanzees in the wild have to know where their food is to survive, and they have evolved in such a way that those with a better memory were able to survive, thrive, and create offspring. Humans also had to understand where to find food when they were hunters and gatherers, and that part of our brain is alive and well.

Okay so, why should you care? Well, if you live in a modern society you know where to get food, it’s called the local grocery store, or the local market. Yes, that’s true, but if I asked you right now whereabouts in the store is the bread aisle, you could tell me. For instance, if I gave you a diagram of your local supermarket, and I asked you where the milk was located and asked you to put a dot on the piece of paper representing that place in the store, you could easily do it.

And not only can you do this, but every single human can do this, and they can do it well. Yet most people forget dates in history, phone numbers, and all sorts of other things. That’s because the easiest way to encode or imprint memory in the human brain is when it has to do with food.

It is for this reason that I’m going to recommend you take a note pad and paper with you when you go grocery stopping next time. Things will come to your mind from the past, distant memories, which you might have almost forgotten. Go ahead and write them down. Interestingly enough, your brain works quite well when you are hunting or gathering food, even in the new modern setting of a grocery store.

It’s true. So if you take a pad and paper with you when you go grocery shopping you are liable to have very good ideas, the type of ideas and concepts or even innovations that you should be writing down. Indeed, I hope you will please consider this and understand why this trick works so well. Think on it.